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Thauvin ready to debut with Udinese

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Thauvin ready to debut with Udinese

In Turin, even if not as a starter, but only during the game. Here are the first coordinates to be traced on the map leading up to Florian Thauvin’s debut with the Udinese shirt.

A debut that the French playmaker began to aim for during his first training session conducted decisively at Bruseschi, where today important answers are expected from captain Roberto Pereyra, the only one of the injured who could return to Turin, where Gerard Deulofeu and Ilya Nestorovsky.


Turin is therefore destined to mark the first stage of Thauvin’s new adventure with Zebretta. Of course, everything will depend on that Andrea Sottil who, after declaring that he “can’t wait to include the Frenchman in the team”, was also waiting with some trepidation for the first results of the physical tests to which the former Marseille has been subjected since from Tuesday, upon his arrival in Friuli.

Well, the first results were encouraging, to the point that yesterday Thauvin was able to train at high intensity, albeit alone and not with the team. The staff focused on resistance, an essential prerogative that could not have been worked on if the thirty-year-old had not shown up in good condition.

In fact, it should not be forgotten that Thauvin played his last official match on 17 September in Mexico, when he was still wearing the Tigres shirt, and that the lack of brilliance in cases like these, in the face of such a long gap, is considered the least of the problems but also the first of the objectives, but only on condition that the general condition allows it to be pursued.

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That’s exactly what the tests have ascertained, otherwise the Frenchman wouldn’t have been able to sprint and kick from one door to another as he frequently did yesterday, performing mini-sets at high speed to increase resistance to effort.

Shots then also performed in a series of repetitions on twenty and thirty meters, precious even to the long eye of a Sottil who has already understood he can count on it, since Turin.


Thus, once he understood that Thauvin could be of help in Sunday’s game, Sottil was able to concentrate on the work of the team which today will move on to the tactical part. It is there that Thauvin should make his entry into the group and it is always there that the coach confidently awaits his captain.

The “Tucu” Pereyra, in fact, today will experience a sort of audition that could return him to the cause after the fatigue that prevented him from playing against Sampdoria and Verona.


However, the hope for Pereyra is offset by the situation of Ilija Nestorovski, who returned to racing yesterday at Bruseschi after an adductor problem. However, the Macedonian will not recover in time for Turin.

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