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The 22nd victory over the 2nd World Cup in Qatar was another “unpopularity” and Rong Sheng’s “upset” prediction was hit again! -Qianlong.com China Capital Net

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The 22nd victory over the 2nd World Cup in Qatar was another “unpopularity” and Rong Sheng’s “upset” prediction was hit again! -Qianlong.com China Capital Net

Source title: The 22nd victory over the 2nd Qatar World Cup is another “unpopularity” Rong Sheng’s “upset” prediction has hit again!

Upset, upset, upset again! Another upset in the Qatar World Cup was born at the Atumama Stadium on the 27th. The Morocco team ranked 22nd in the world defeated the second-ranked Belgium team 2-0. This is the second upset of the World Cup after the 51st-ranked Saudi Arabia beat the third-ranked Argentina and the 24th-ranked Japan defeated the 11th-ranked Germany. Rongsheng Refrigerator’s “Octopus Paul” prophecy once again made its “Unpopular” activity out of the circle.

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In the first half, the Belgian team completely suppressed their opponents. Their high-position press won many corner kicks and free kicks for themselves. Throughout the first half, Belgium took 17 free kicks, including corner kicks. And the Moroccan team has only 7 times! In terms of ball possession rate, the Belgian team reached 69%, but it is a pity that they are weak in scoring! On the contrary, the Moroccan team used the two wings to create several opportunities.

It is said that if you waste an opportunity, you will be punished! Sure enough, in the second half, the Moroccan team first scored directly from a free kick, and then used a counterattack to score again!

Throughout the second half, the Belgian team was completely passive! In the first 20 minutes, the ball was difficult to pass through the midfield, and the Moroccan team continued to suppress the Belgian team through substitutions! After the Moroccan team took the lead with a free kick, although Lukaku came off the bench with an injury, it had no effect. The game entered the stoppage time period, the Belgian team pressed on, and the Moroccan goalkeeper kicked the ball to the backcourt. The Moroccan players simply cooperated and pierced Courtois’ ten fingers! At this time, the Belgian team’s defense was useless, and the Belgian team eventually lost to Morocco 0-2.

Facing an opponent whose world ranking is 20 higher than their own, the “Atlas Lions” used tenacious defense, active fighting, and tacit cooperation to fight for the next victory. They deserve such celebrations. The tenacious struggle of the “Atlas Lion” is similar to the fighting spirit conveyed by Rong Sheng Refrigerator’s “Unpopular Life”: Through his own efforts and persistence, he shines on the court and writes the legend of “upset”.

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As the official sponsor of the World Cup, Rongsheng Refrigerator launched the theme activity of “Picture something fresh, make an upset” for the World Cup. Since the start of the World Cup, this theme of “upset” seems to have opened up the power to kill the Quartet. There have been “upsets” in many events, and even “upsets” have become hot searches. A national brand with a history of 39 years, Rongsheng Refrigerator should not only bring health and freshness experience to everyone through the innovation and upgrading of WILL and other products, but also let users feel the positive meaning conveyed by the brand: in the face of hard work, unpopular It can also become popular! This is exactly the innovative and persistent spirit of Rongsheng to adhere to the “unpopular technology” in the refrigerator industry in order to solve user needs and pain points.

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