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The 76ers are expected to fine Simmons Embiid: very disappointed in the current situation

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Original title: The 76ers are expected to fine Simmons Embiid: Very disappointed in the current situation

On September 28, Beijing time, reports from the US media said that Ben Simmons did not show up on the media day of the new season today, and he is also expected to be absent from the entire training camp. According to informed sources, the 76ers are expected to fine Simmons for not attending the media day and training camp.

The labor agreement stipulates that for players who absent from training camp without a reason, the team can fine 1/145 of their salary each working day, which is 227,613 US dollars for Simmons. The source said that starting from today (absent from the media day), Simmons’s trading market is truly open, and the real quotation about him will appear.

What did 76ers star Joel Embiid say to Simmons? “I might say that I’m disappointed, we haven’t won anything, but look at what we have…” Embiid said, “Well, the most important thing is to take the next step.”

“To be honest, I’m disappointed in my current situation. I sincerely hope that Simmons can change his mind,” Embiid continued. “If I don’t want to play with him, I will say it. This team has always been around me. The two built the team.”

Speaking of the private relationship with Simmons, Embiid said: “I think our relationship has become closer last season.”

Earlier rumors pointed out that some 76ers wanted to go to Los Angeles to find Simmons, but Simmons refused. In this regard, Embiid said: “The players want to go to Los Angeles to talk to Simmons, but we must let him’be himself’!”

Sixers coach Doug Rivers said when talking about Simmons: “I still think he is one of us. I have defended Simmons for the past year, just because he didn’t do what you want. What did he do? He almost won the best defensive player.”

The G7 speech in the Eastern Conference semifinals last season was the reason Simmons decided to leave Philadelphia? “This question is difficult to answer,” Rivers said, “but that’s not the reason, we have communicated since that incident.”

In the playoffs last season, Simmons played a total of 12 games for the 76ers, averaging 33.5 minutes per game, 11.9 points, 7.9 rebounds, 8.8 assists and 1.3 steals, and his free throw percentage was only 34.2%.Return to Sohu to see more


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