Home Sports The Aersié prepares the sparkling wine: on Sunday it can fly in Prima

The Aersié prepares the sparkling wine: on Sunday it can fly in Prima

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The Aersié prepares the sparkling wine: on Sunday it can fly in Prima

BELLUNO. Arsiè one step away from the party. Of the three Belluno people who command their respective rankings in regional tournaments, the Feltrini are the only ones to have the first match ball on Sunday to win the championship. Let’s see the situations in detail, when there are still 4 rounds to go.


Only the first goes up, and in the event of a tie between first and second there is a play-off on a neutral field. The same happens if two teams arrive paired in the last place. There are no playoffs this year, while the playouts are round-trip matches with this scheme: fifth from last against penultimate and fourth from last against third from last in Promotion and First, while in Second they only challenge third from last. and penultimate. However, there must not be more than five points of difference between those who must play off: from six points upwards, the worst classified goes down directly.


Five points ahead of Julia Sagittaria. Limana Cavarzano must manage this margin. Parteli’s team is launched towards Excellence but on Sunday they will not be able to celebrate yet, even if a victory arrives at Fossalta and the Venetians lose Sedico’s super match against Fiori Barp. This combination of results could, however, bring the party closer to May 1st, when the Giallorossi-blu will face the very latest Lovispresiano at home. The Fiori Barp will instead try to undermine the second place which is worth a place in the repechage standings.

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Classification: Limana Cavarzano 51, Julia 46, Fiori Barp 43, Vazzola 37, Conegliano 33, Caerano 32, Villorba 31, Fossalta 30, Qdp, Noventa 27, Santa Lucia 26, Ponzano 22, Fontanelle 21, Lovis. 3.


The margin between Alpago and San Martino Colle is narrow: three points. On Sunday the yellow-green have the derby with Schiara, third, while San Martino will face San Michele in the rear. We are moving towards a sprint: from May 1st onwards Alpago will face San Michele and Barbisano at home, closing in the Cisonese’s home, while the Treviso players will be busy with Borgo Valbelluna, Cisonese and San Vendemiano.

Quiet the other Belluno, except Cadore. The red and white occupy the penultimate position at 13 points and at the moment would be relegated, as well as Refrontolo, due to the rule of the points of difference. Ben’s team must win all or almost all of them, going at least to the third last place and getting closer to the Cisonese. On Sunday Cadore will face the Cappella, then will have the direct clash in Refrontolo and will close with two derbies against Borgo Valbelluna and Schiara.

Classification: Alpago 50, San Martino 47, Schiara 41, Barbisano 39, LongAlpina, Cordignano, Cappella 36, ​​Borgo 32, San Vendemiano 31, Valdosport 27, Cisonese 22, Refrontolo, Cadore 13, S. Michele 4.


Aersiè on Sunday is in the first place if they beat Castion and Vitt does not win at Itlas, or if they draw and Vitt loses. In any case, however, it appears a matter of time.

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Complex struggle to avoid the single playout. Tambre must keep Tarzo behind him and keep the margin reduced by Juventina Mugnai to avoid the risk. The Sospirolese is not calm either. Fate is now sealed in Group H of Lamonese, which is only waiting for the mathematical relegation: she has eight points less than the penultimate.

Second T standings: Arsiè 54, Vitt 45, Ponte Alpi 37, Castion 35, Agordina 34, Itlas, Fulgor Farra 33, Gemelle 31, Lentiai 29, Arten 25, Sospirolese 20, Juventina Mugnai 18, Tambre 14, Tarzo 8.

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