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The alarm sounds: Cioffi’s Udinese does not hit the goal

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The zero conclusions in the 0-0 against Genoa are the record of a clear trend. If with Gotti on the bench he shot in the mirror 4.75 times on average now they are 3.6

UDINE. Scary numbers. They are not those in the standings, even if the commentators present at Marassi were not tender towards Udinese, after recognizing that the draw is useful above all for the bianconeri, certainly not at Genoa all nerves and competitive spirit, the only weapons that the neo – Blessin technician could use after only three days at the helm of the rossoblùs.

The frightening numbers are, rather, those related to the offensive production of Cioffi’s team, extremely sterile in the last performance, even if it must be pointed out that the statistics tell of a Udinese able to conclude less than the previous one, that of the Gotti management, towards the opponent’s goal.


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