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The Ambra Angiolini case: “Thank you for the wall of love”. Bonetti-Striscia question and answer

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Rome, October 15, 2021 – And finally Ambra Angiolini she is moved, live on Radio Capital, after days of talking about nothing but her, of Allegri and Striscia la Notizia. The actress, her voice cracked with emotion, wanted to thank the immense wave of love she received in this moment so delicate for her. “I open a parenthesis and then close it. Thanks for what I’m seeing, this crazy love wall that he has lined up in front of a person who evidently cannot now do it alone is moving. My sense of gratitude is not wrong, what I feel like saying is thanks one by one for how you protect me! I’m seeing so much beauty. “

The actress gave everyone a classy lesson even if the end of her story with Juve coach Massimiliano Allegri in the last 48 hours has become a media case, after the delivery of the Tapir of gold by Striscia la Notizia at the hands of Valerio Staffelli to the actress and the consequent post in defense of the mother written by Jolanda Renga.


A story that ended badly for a betrayal, as anticipated by a magazine. In the evening (the wait) Strip stance: “The friend Ambra Angiolini, I want to say, was approached in a friendly way from the tapiroforo Valerio Staffelli: no escape, request to turn off the cameras or annoying signals. Indeed! “, Specifies a note signed by the Golden Tapir. In the first part of the report, which was not broadcast, Ambra” never expressed the slightest desire to Staffelli not to be interviewed “and” when the cameras were off, she recommended with Staffelli that no actions were carried out during the assembly that would upset the meaning of what she had said “.

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To end up in the social meat grinder too Vanessa Incontrada, which leads the satirical news of Canale 5 together with Alessandro Siani, guilty of not having separated from the service in defense of the former face of Non è la Rai, so much so that she was forced to block comments on her social pages. In support of Ambra, the colleague Laura Chiatti, Francesca Barra, but not only that, also Tiziano Ferro and Selvaggia Lucarelli, who pointed the finger at the Spanish presenter and actress (“How many times have we heard you complain about the cruelty of the media, dear Vanessa. Of the media that exploit your private life, that judge your body. Yesterday you could have pulled yourself out of this ruthless treatment of the story. Think about it the next time you complain about the cruelty of the system with women, because yesterday you were part of it too “).

He replied to his daughter Jolanda Tiziano Ferro: “Your words moved me. After all, I can’t be surprised at your sensitivity knowing your beautiful parents. Who helped you flourish with this emotional intelligence.” Francesca Barra he underlined: “This is the country that does not go to Mister Allegri, to the ‘male’. This is the country of great battles, of female solidarity, of empathy. Of” I hurt you and then I tease you by singing a song “, because everything always ends up like this, to seem like a game. This is the country that delivers the tapir not for a big break, an error, but for a private, delicate sentimental question, perhaps yet to be worked out “.

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So much so that the Minister for Equal Opportunities and the Elena Family also intervened Bonetti: “The spectacularization of a private and painful event must never be done and I don’t think there is a need to open a public debate, but certainly we have chosen to go to the woman and not the man”, was the reflection of the minister.

The replica of the Tapir: “Dear Minister Bonetti, as you know, Striscia is a satirical transmission whose mission is impossible to fight hypocrisy in the world. A war that is lost, given the number of enemies, but which is always worth fighting for us. How many whitewashed tombs, proxies, fake moralists or simple charlatans, individuals in withdrawal crises or simply in need of daily externalization have felt authorized to pontificate on the subject! Who knows we won’t meet soon … “.

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