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the animals symbolizing the African national football teams

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The animals symbolizing the national football teams of Africa are different, and capable of inspiring: they are not only the symbol of the wildlife to be protected, but also that of different teams involved in Coppa d’Africa currently taking place in Ivory Coast, with the final scheduled for Sunday 11 February.
From the lion to the elephant, from the eagle to the scorpion, from leopard to mambalet’s discover them team by team in strict alphabetical order…
Look at the gallery with the animals and the teams that adopted them.


The symbol of the North African national team is the fennec, a small but courageous fox that has its habitat in the sands of the Sahara. This is why Algeria’s players are also nicknamed “the Desert Warriors”.


The Levers Black (sable antelopes) are the symbol of the Angolan national team, an emblem of elegance and strength together.

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Burkina Faso

The coat of arms of this African country consists of the national flag supported by two spears and two white stallions. And it stallone biancowho legend has it founded the kingdom of Burkina Faso together with Princess Yennenga, is also the symbol of the national football team.

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Leoni indomitable” is the nickname of Cameroon’s players, so there is no doubt as to which animal is the symbol of one of the most well-known teams in African football. Strength and power together.

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Cape Verde

Inspired by the blue which represents the main color of the flag, the national football federation chose it as its symbol shark blupresent in the waters of the Cape Verde archipelago and a great attraction for tourism.

Ivory Coast

Also present in the national coat of arms, the elephant it is the symbol of the country hosting the 2024 Africa Cup of Nations and also of its national football team. However, it should also be noted that compared to the 3,000 specimens recorded in the seventies and eighties of the last century, today there are only 500 elephants in the Ivory Coast: a decline which the local government is now trying to curb with the establishment of parks national and nature reserves.


Lo Scorpio emperor it has important dimensions and its sting is also the one symbolically and sportingly used by the Gambia national team against opposing teams.


“Syli” means “elephant” in the language of the Soussous, one of the three main ethnic groups of this state, and in fact indicates an indigenous species, which since 1960 has also appeared in the coat of arms of Guinea. It is logical that it is therefore also the symbol of the national football team.


“No Eagles” is the nickname of the players of the national football team of this country. According to some, it derives from the birds of prey trained by the Tuareg for hunting in the desert, but it seems instead to have been born in the seventies, when the Mali representative team was trained by the German coach Karl-Heinz Weigang, who also provided them with the technical equipment, including the shirts with a huge eagle on his chest.


Like the elephant also the leone it is shared as a symbol by multiple African teams. However, what gives the players of this national team their nickname is the Atlas lion, native to North Africa but extinct in the wild after the last specimen was killed in Morocco in 1942.

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Snake with a lethal bite, the mamba black is also the symbol of the Mozambique national team, in whose territory it is particularly widespread.
Nigeria. From “green eagles” to “super-eagles”: the nickname of the Nigerian national team has had variations on the theme over the years, but the bird of prey still remains their emblem.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Il leopard it was already in the coat of arms of Zaire, the “ancestor” of the current Democratic Republic of Congo, and remains the feline that represents the country’s national football team: “The leopards” is in fact the nickname of the players who are part of it.


Like those of Cameroon and Morocco, the players of this national team also have in leone their symbolic animal. But their full nickname is “The Lions of Teranga”, the latter word which in the Wolof language indicates generosity, understood as hospitality but also as a willingness to spend oneself for others.


The eagle it was the emblem of Carthage, one of the most powerful cities of antiquity and today an archaeological site a few kilometers from Tunis. But the eagle of Carthage continues to fly high as a symbol of the national football team.
Photo Pexels, Pixabay


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