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The Apu goes against the tide: with small foreigners it is more difficult to go up to A

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The Apu goes against the tide: with small foreigners it is more difficult to go up to A

On the third attempt, Boniciolli’s APU decided to go against the tide. To achieve the promotion goal, this year Udine has made an unusual choice among the teams aiming to win the A2 series: to rely on two foreign outsiders.

The Sherrill-Briscoe duo did well in Ferrara, bringing quality and points, but it is clear that it is too early to make judgments. The coach of the Old Wild West also expressed himself on the subject in the post game on Sunday: “It was seen as a choice that has not always rewarded in this championship, that of the two American guards, becomes a rewarding choice when you have players around like Mian, Cusin, Antonutti, Gaspardo, Mussini, Palumbo and Esposito ».

To better understand how much the choice of the two US outsiders has rewarded, we have reviewed the pairs of foreigners of the teams promoted from A2 to Serie A in the last ten years. The fact that there are only two (out of a total of fourteen) teams capable of making the big leap with two small stars and stripes: Pms Torino in 2014/15 and De ‘Longhi Treviso in 2018/19.

The Piedmontese at the time could boast an Italian fleet of absolute level, with two specialists in promotions: Guido Rosselli and Davide Bruttini, who add up to eight triumphs in A2. The Venetians, on the other hand, gambled, taking advantage of the three promotions up for grabs in 2018/19. In fact, they played with only one American (Burnett) until February, then they signed David Logan (out of the Korean championship) and won the play-offs hands down.

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The most frequent pairing is that made up of a winger and a long man of great athleticism: the APU knows this well, given that two years ago they hit their noses in the final against Mayo-Parks (Naples), and in June against Anderson-Johnson (Verona).

Yet we are going in an obstinate and opposite direction, as Fabrizio De Andrè said. After the 2-5 formula (Johnson and Foulland first, Lacey and Walters then) and discarded the initial idea of ​​moving to 2-4 (McDuffie was the big forward of dreams in June) after having scored the coup Gaspardo, Boniciolli has reshuffled the cards. Sure you have a pair of aces in your hand and blow the dealer.

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