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The ASL of Trieste postpones the derby Furia TvB: “Rules violated”

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Allianz, with 3 positives, stopped by Asugi, who put the team in isolation The dg Favaro: “We want clarification, with 6 athletes available the game must be played”


And so Sunday’s match against Trieste was also skipped: a decision by Asugi (Giuliano Isontina University Healthcare Company), not by the LBA, which received and proceeded to postpone it. The Allianz, as it turns out, would have three positives in the team group, a situation that would therefore allow them to take the field, given that the federal protocol says that six senior members are enough to play. The Trieste ALS, on the other hand, has ordered quarantine and isolation for the positives and for those who have come into contact with them. The League could only take note of this and ratify the postponement of this and Brindisi-Naples to a later date, where, moreover, there is a more serious situation. So after Lavrio (if the recovery at Palaverde will be played on Wednesday it will only be known on Monday, it depends on the evolution of the contagion between the Greeks) and Virtus Bologna, this is the third match that Nutribullet sees itself postponed. And always for positives not his.

But it especially annoys the fact that, as is happening in football, the two types of pandemic management in sport clash with each other. «The inhomogeneity is evident – Giovanni Favaro, CEO of Treviso Basket acknowledges – there is a FIP protocol and the CTS with very clear guidelines: if there are positives they isolate themselves, the others, after the necessary checks, continue to work. And in a match the minimum number of players on the scoresheet must be six. Point. These rules are precise but, as can be seen, disregarded by the competent authorities. And this is why we want clarification from those in charge because we cannot go on like this. The world of sport, among other things, is the most controlled of all and that’s fine, of course: for example, we make swabs every day just to monitor as much as possible. TvB has always been in agreement with the ASL of Treviso, we share our modus operandi with the utmost collaboration ».

And we are talking above all about asymptomatic vaccinated people. «It’s called“ return to play “, that is, to get back to playing they have to do a whole series of exams that naturally take time away. Then recovery times should be accelerated, also because we are talking about people who are particularly kept under control. I don’t know exactly the situation in Trieste but we know that anyone who has come into contact with the positives must stay five days in isolation but the federal rules speak for themselves: if you have any, you are able to enter the field, the game is played ».

Nothing foreign. TvB renounces the foreigner of the Cup. The hypothesis of hiring a 4 USA to make him play in the Champions League while awaiting the return of Nicola Akele has definitely disappeared. This is due to the difficulty in finding a technically suitable subject (and willing to play tokens) but also for the progress of Akele, who could anticipate the return at the end of the month. –

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