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“The Banco needs work and patience”

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Il giemme Federico Pasquini: «We have changed a lot, we are still in a phase of work in progress. But we will get up “

SENT TO LA LAGUNA (SPAIN). «It is a phase in which serenity, tranquility, trust and unity are needed. We think about the things that are wrong and we try to grow with patience, as we have done every year in which we have changed a lot ». The signs of -27 collected by Dinamo on Wednesday on the island of Tenerife are evident in the morale and on the face of the biancoblù troop, but Federico Pasquini preaches calm and tries to make the point in a rational way. «The picture is quite clear – says the Sassari general manager before returning to Italy -. We started from a situation in which the play-pivot axis has changed and this axis in modern basketball is the most decisive one. If there is no technical feeling between the two then it is the whole team that goes into difficulty. I also think that the play, aka Clemmons, was the last to join his teammates and then recently he was away over a week for his wife’s pregnancy. Mekowulu had a good start, then he had an ankle problem that weakened him in the last few games: he struggled a lot against Reggio Emilia and struggled in Tenerife too. He is a type of player who if he is not physically well loses his main quality, that is athleticism and intensity ».

What can be saved from the Wednesday test? «Tenerife is a team that at the moment is far from our level – explains Pasquini -. So the first ten minutes of Wednesday, with an excellent approach, are good news, because there was probably the best Dinamo of this start of the season, in terms of intensity and sharing on both sides of the pitch. Then there was this sort of surrender, which I explain this way: when you hit a wall and you are in a condition of “work in progress” everything becomes difficult. In the second quarter we crumbled and everything became more difficult ».

Why does the Bank continue to melt at the first difficulties? «Today as today there is a lack of reference points: in recent years the Spissu-Bilan axis has often put us in a position to find solutions even in times of difficulty, a balance and a chemistry that has also allowed others to express themselves at their best. Today is that the first thing to fix. When those two sectors have a technical feeling, the other elements have advantages ».

The biancoblù society, however, does not make dramas. “Let’s put Tenerife aside, let’s put away this defeat and try to stay calm and serene, above all because it is a period in which we have to improve every day and we have to make a practical reasoning: the last 25 minutes on Sunday against Reggio and the first quarter of Tenerife have proved that we are growing, we are united and there is mentality. We knew that at the beginning of the season we would have to suffer and have patience – says Pasquini -, now we have put the two really complex away games behind us, we think about the home games and then the trip to Ukraine will be a sort of playoff for the third. place. The important thing is to continue growing immediately ».

During the match from the stands there was a certain nervousness between the field and the bench. Is everything all right? «When you take a break of 23-6, it would be strange if there wasn’t a discussion or a confrontation. They are dynamics from the field and from the locker room, nothing serious », assures Pasquini, who then talks about the return of Ousmane Diop. «Also in this case we knew we were taking a risk, deciding to wait for a player who had just returned from an operation. When his time comes he will bring athleticism and intimidation into the area, as well as a different dimension, but we will have to be patient. We have to believe in these guys on whom we have made multi-year projects. Treier’s growth in the last 2-3 weeks shows that we need to work and be patient ».


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