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The Bank goes in search of its identity

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Basketball, after the knockout with Brescia, the Sassari are wondering about the defects that emerged cyclically in the first phase of the season

SASSARI. After a performance like the one on Saturday, the temptation to say “nothing” is strong. But the reality is that just seven days ago the biancoblù environment seemed completely reassured by the beautiful away victory on the Treviso field and not everything is so bad.

The rediscovered public and the convinced applause of encouragement given by the fans to the team at the end of the match is the starting point, especially on a mental level. Two important signs of growth, at the level of singles, came from Christian Mekowulu and Kaspar Treier. The Nigerian center, with the improvement of the physical condition is starting to show its qualities, while the Italian-Estonian, although often deployed out of role, is growing in terms of substance, trust and reliability.

The great inconsistency of performance that characterized this first part of the biancoblù season, which reached a negative peak in the forty minutes against the Germani of coach Magro (long team with a richer budget), on the other hand saw David Logan and comrades show even ample flashes of good basketball. After having dominated the Supercoppa round against two objectively inferior teams (Varese and “half” Cremona), Banco lost twice against Brindisi, which at the moment is certainly superior, and not a little. Putting aside the two Champions beats, against two other clearly superior teams, the Sassari won at home suffering the pains of hell against Pesaro and Reggio Emilia and went to take the victory in Treviso after another point-by-point final.

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The feeling is that below Milan and Virtus, waiting for Reyer to find the square, there is only Brindisi. Next, there is a large group of at least 6-7 teams – among these the Banco – which in this phase are more or less equal. And therefore the balance and the alternation of results will be constantly conditioned by a good or a bad performance.

Dinamo, which is about to include Ousmane Diop recovering, has elements of proven quality in the roster (Logan, Gentile, Bendzius), young people who have shown that they are not exactly scarce (Burnell and Mekowulu himself) and elements such as Clemmons and Battle, who they certainly need to improve but above all they seem to need to understand their role within the group.

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