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The BAS has decided: KV Mechelen-Club Brugge and KV Mechelen-RWDM will not be replayed

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The Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sport (BAS) has decided that KV Mechelen-Club Brugge will not be replayed despite a blunder by the ref and the VAR. It sounds like no mistake was made against the rules of the game. Previously, RWDM also received criticism from the BAS regarding the replay of the match at KV Mechelen.

KV Mechelen-Club Brugge on December 10 ended 0-0. But in the 72nd minute, Thiago’s goal was wrongly disallowed for alleged offside. The VAR did not intervene to correct the ref’s wrong decision. Club Brugge went to the Disciplinary Council for Professional Football (DRP) to replay the match. That question was rejected. The explanation was that the VAR “did not see” the KVM player who canceled the offside.

The reasoning of the Belgian Court of Arbitration for Sport (BAS) for not replaying the match is not yet known, but the request was rejected. That is a setback for Club Brugge, but possibly also for KV Mechelen, the in-form team. After all, KV Mechelen could also benefit from it if that match had to be replayed. The match against Club Brugge ended in a draw. If the game had to be replayed, there was a chance that Malinwa would win the match.

Then KV Mechelen suddenly had two more points and jumped in the rankings over Cercle Brugge, AA Gent and KRC Genk. Then it was suddenly in pole position to participate in the Champions’ Play-offs.

Thiago’s goal was wrongly disallowed for alleged offside. — © BELGA

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Full calendar

The calendar maker then breathes a sigh of relief. A major problem had arisen when replaying KV Mechelen-Club Brugge. Which? That no date could be found for that match before the last match day on Sunday, March 17. Blue-Black will play the first leg on Thursday, March 7 and the OHL will host OHL in the competition on Sunday, March 10. On March 14, Club Brugge will play the second leg in the 1/8th final of the Conference League at home against Molde. So there was simply no time to complete that match before the last matchday. Anyway, the BAS has solved that problem.

RWDM is also frustrated

Earlier Monday, RWDM also encountered a nojet from the BAS. KV Mechelen player Geoffry Hairemans hit a header from teammate Van Hecke with his hand in the match on January 28 against the Brussels team. The VAR summoned referee Brent Staessens to view the images. The ref did not think it was a penalty and RWDM lost 3-1. RWDM was initially wrong by the Professional Refereeing Department (PRD) and, like Club Brugge, moved to the BAS. There, the fourteenth place in the standings – and therefore a place for the play-downs – also failed. An appeal is not possible, but recovery in the civil court is possible.

The BAS will decide on Tuesday whether to replay Anderlecht-Genk.

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