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The best lineup of the Chinese Super League: Yang Liyu, Ren Hang, Guoan Taishan, two players each – yqqlm

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The best lineup of the Chinese Super League: Yang Liyu, Ren Hang, Guoan Taishan, two players each – yqqlm

Original title: The best lineup of the Chinese Super League: Yang Liyu, Ren Hang, Guoan, Taishan, two generals

After the fifth round of the Chinese Super League in 2022: Moises made a pass and made a contribution, Song Long had a strong defense, and Shandong Taishan defeated the Dalian natives to a 3-0 victory. In this round, the midfield cores of each team have begun to exert their strength. Shenhua has Qian Jie, Zhejiang team has Frank, and Guangzhou team Yang Liyu led the team to their first league victory; Yu Dabao and Ren Hang have reappeared as guards with swords, very good Set an example for young players. Guoan Zhang Yuning has gradually become the first striker in China.

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The following is our selection of the best lineup in this round of the Chinese Super League (442) –

Goalkeeper: Wu Yake (Changchun Yatai)

In the last round against Shandong Taishan, Yatai goalkeeper Liu Weiguo made two super mistakes. Wu Yake got the opportunity to come off the bench and made two saves. In this round of competition, Wu Yake naturally became the starter, and he also completed his task in the game. Especially before halftime, Kalanga’s shot from the small penalty area was subconsciously blocked by Wu Yake’s leg. If nothing else, Wu Yake will continue to occupy the team’s starting position for some time to come.

Defender: Hu Hetao (Chengdu Rongcheng)

Chengdu Rongcheng and Meizhou Hakka, two newly-promoted horses, faced off on the same field this round. In the 43rd minute of the game, Chengdu goalkeeper Geng Xiaofeng hit a free kick from Kosovic. Yang Yilin volleyed against the empty goal in front of the penalty area and was cleared by Hu Hetao’s goal line. After the draw with the host, Hu Hetao was elected the best player of the game. After the game, Chengdu Rongcheng coach Xu Zhengyuan said: Hu Hetao is a very important player on the left. He has performed very well in these 5 games, showing a very good mental outlook and has great potential.

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Defender: Ren Hang (three towns in Wuhan)

In the 24th minute of the match against Haigang, Wuhan Sanzhen got a set kick in the frontcourt. Stanqiu took a free kick into the penalty area. Captain Ren Hang headed the goal. The ball hit the inside of the column of the Haigang team and bounced into the net. The score changed. 2-0. According to statistics, this is the first Chinese Super League goal scored by Ren Hang since the match against the Cangzhou Lions in August 2020. In addition, Ren Hang’s last 9 goals in the Chinese Super League were scored with headers, which can be called a golden-headed guard with a knife.

Defender: Yu Dabao (Beijing Guoan)

As the starting defender, Yu Dabao scored again. It has been a few years since he changed from a forward to a defender, but he still does not have his own line of work. When the team got the set-piece, it was really rare that Dabao, a 34-year-old veteran, could still score points in front of the goal.

Defender: Song Long (Shandong Taishan)

Facing the Dalian natives of the All-China class in this round, Shandong Taishan basically pressed the opponent to fight, but the opponent’s counterattacks in the second half still put Shandong Taishan under a lot of pressure. With Dai Lin injured and Zheng Zheng suspended, Song Long made 7 clearances and 2 interceptions, basically strangling the opponent’s counterattack on the wing. This also allowed Shandong Taishan to invest more troops in the attack and achieved the final victory.

Midfielder: Moises (Shandong Taishan)

In the past two games, after Moises returned to midfield, his power gradually showed. The one pass and one shot in this round are very exciting, especially the one shot for Qi Tianyu after the midfield steal at the last moment, which can be called a local counter attack + a fatal blow. Fans who were still questioning Moises at the beginning of the season can now stop for a while. Shandong Taishan’s No. 10 is still worth looking forward to.

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Midfielder: Qian Jiejie (Shanghai Shenhua)

In the 71st minute of the match against Wuhan Yangtze River, Kajevic pulled Qian Jie down when he returned to defense and gave Shenhua a free kick in a good position. Bassogo made a fake run, Qian Jie shot directly, the ball went around the wall and flew into the dead corner of the goal against the bottom edge of the crossbar. Although the goalkeeper will make every effort to save, but unfortunately the speed of the ball is too fast, Shenhua, who leads by two goals, will seal the victory. In this campaign, Zhu Jianrong’s barb scoring was also very exciting, but unfortunately he was injured at halftime and was occupied by central defender Bi Jinhao in the second half.

Midfielder: Yang Liyu (Guangzhou)

The Guangzhou team and Hebei team, who had lost 4 consecutive games before, met by a narrow road in this round. In the 67th minute, Yang Liyu received a long pass from central defender Li Yang. With his excellent dribbling skills, he scored Bao Yaxiong’s gate from the close corner in the penalty area, leading 1-0 to the end. This was a winning goal. This is Guangzhou The team’s first goal of the season, bringing the first win of the season. A small victory over the Hebei team by 1 goal, the Guangzhou team finally broke the window paper of scoring a goal, winning a game, and taking three points. Of course, for this year’s Guangzhou team, it is more important to accumulate experience and strive to win. to more points to complete relegation.

Midfielder: Frank (Zhejiang)

In the 5th minute of the match against Guangzhou City, the Zhejiang team made a pass from the left side of the frontcourt. In the chaos, Frank hit the goal from a small angle and the Zhejiang team led 1-0. In the 24th minute, Frank knocked across the middle, Mu Xiekui attracted the defense and was assigned to the back point. Cheng Jin rushed to score the ball, 2-0. In the 31st minute, Cheng Jin of Zhejiang team sent a straight pass after continuous breakthroughs in the middle. Frank got the ball before the penalty area and turned his instep to score the ball, 3-0. Frank was directly involved in the first three goals of the Zhejiang team and was the hero of the team’s first victory.

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Striker: Malkang (Wuhan Three Towns)

To challenge the former Chinese Super League champion, the three-town head coach Pedro once again brought the excellent Malcon to the front line. Just 9 minutes into the game, Malcon repaid the coach’s trust with a header. In the first three “substitutes”, the Chinese Super League “Feng Ba” had both assists and goals, as well as a shot that hit the post. In the last two games, he played the main force and scored 3 goals. Malcon is currently the team’s top scorer with 4 goals.

Forward: Zhang Yuning (Beijing Guoan)

After scoring twice in a row, Zhang Yuning once again topped the scorer list, which is exciting news. The first goal forced the opponent’s two defenders to head the ball in. It can be seen that his judgment on the ball is very accurate and his personal fitness is excellent. The second goal was a textbook counterattack by Beijing Guoan, a cross from the side and Zhang Yuning’s header from the middle. Two wonderful and beautiful headers let us see the strength of this young striker. Chinese football used to have a combination of gold and jade. Can Xiao Zhang Yuning become a big killer of the national football team in the future?

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