Home Sports The big V hotly discusses Shui Qingxia’s election as the women’s football coach: is the Football Association playing games when it loses its credibility? _Chinese Football Association

The big V hotly discusses Shui Qingxia’s election as the women’s football coach: is the Football Association playing games when it loses its credibility? _Chinese Football Association

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Original title: The big V hotly discusses Shui Qingxia’s election as the women’s football coach: Is the football association playing games when it loses its credibility?

On the evening of November 18, the Chinese Football Association officially announced that Shui Qingxia will serve as the head coach of the Chinese women’s football team and the birth of the first native female coach of the Chinese women’s adult national team. It is worth mentioning that Shui Qingxia did not participate in the previous open competition of the Football Association, so this has also triggered heated discussions among the industry.

“Football Weekly” editor-in-chief, An Ran, wrote: “After reading the official announcement, the people’s expectations are good, but there are two questions: First, I am afraid of being called the default, but the final result is not the “default”? Second, the majority The fans are satisfied, but what does coach Shui think? If she is really willing to coach the national team, why did she not participate in the competition.”

The media person Zhao Zhen said: “The two things that the Chinese Football Association have done recently are the most credible and harmful things. One is that the Henan Football Association Cup suspended players are not deducted three points from the game, and the other is the selection of the women’s football team. Your rules and procedures. Completely broken.”

“Sohu Sports” reporter Pei Li believes: “Although the women’s football has a big flip, the result is still good, it is better than not flipping. If you make a mistake, you can correct it, if you change it, commit it again, and try hard.”

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Media person Wang Tao posted: “The current Shanghai Women’s Football Head Coach Shui Qingxia will be the head coach of the new Chinese Women’s National Team. As an outstanding representative of the old women’s football team, she has been engaged in women’s football coaching for a long time. Professionalism, feelings and knowledge are her advantages.”

“Tianjin Daily” reporter Shen Wei: “Shui Gui was elected, but what did the previous competition mean? Chinese football is so interesting, not exciting?”

Reporter Lu Mi said: “Shui Qingxia originally did not participate in the previous selection of coaches, and now she skips the recruitment process and takes the post directly. This is a direct rejection of the previous procedures. However, the action is still quite fast. I hope that Shui Qingxia’s guidance can help. The national women’s football brings new momentum.”

“The Paper” reporter Song Chengliang: “For the women’s football coach, the first round of the coach selection process was completed last time. Maybe everyone felt that the candidate was not in place. Now that time is tight and the task is heavy, it is impossible to go through the procedure again, so the announcement was made. The writing is very clear: comprehensive consideration on the basis of extensive solicitation of opinions, careful research and decision.”

“Five Star Sports” reporter Ji Yuyang: “Behind the reversal, there must be a story.”

Media person Lin Benjian said: “After a long time, Shui Qingxia, who did not participate in the competition, won everyone who participated in the competition. Is the Chinese Football Association a monkey game? Just this method of operation will prevent the outside world from questioning the original selection of the men’s football team?”

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Media person Li Xuan: “I personally support Shui Qingxia’s guidance to lead the women’s football team. Although I didn’t go through the procedures this time, are the coaches of the Chinese Football Association playing games?!”

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