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The boss denies that he personally broadcast the bee flower to the top of the hot search!Inventory of the “light of domestic products” that has become popular – Peninsula Network

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Original title: The boss denied the live broadcast in person, and the bee flower reached the top of the hot search! Inventory of the “light of domestic products” that has become popular

After Hongxing Erke and Baixiang, another domestic brand has become popular. On May 18, the online video of “Beehua’s boss live broadcast” made Beehua on the hot search again. Although Beehua later denied this rumor on the official Weibo, it did not affect the enthusiasm of netizens for Beehua. , a large number of netizens poured into the official live broadcast room of bee flowers to place orders and comment: domestic products yyds!

“Bee Flower” denies that the boss broadcasts the live broadcast in person, and netizens leave a message: Your luck is behind

On May 17, a video of “Bee Flower Boss Live Streaming with Tears” circulated on the Internet. According to a self-media source, “Beehua’s boss personally broadcast live, and said with tears: Beehua has a history of 37 years, not a miscellaneous brand, and has been suppressed by foreign-funded enterprises. There have been no violations in 37 years, and the price has only increased by 2 yuan in 10 years!” May On the evening of the 18th, Bee Flower also ranked first in the hot search on Weibo. In this regard, Beehua refuted the rumor online on its official Weibo: The boss has been busy with resuming work and production recently, and there is no time for live broadcast.

In the Weibo comment area where Fenghua responded to the incident, some netizens left a message: “Your luck is behind you! Bring me a box”, “Increase the price, I can afford it!”, “I hope more and more Many national brands can rise” and many other domestic brands such as Wuling Motors, Fantianwa, Haier, Jiang Xiaobai, etc. cheered on Fenghua in the comment area: “Domestic yyds!”

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After Fenghua was on the hot search, a large number of netizens poured into the live broadcast room of Taobao flagship store. As of press time, the number of people in the Taobao live broadcast room of beehua hair washing and hair care has exceeded 60,000. The anchor said bluntly: “I saw a big scene today.” In Bee Flower’s official Douyin live broadcast room, although only more than 400 people watched online in real time, some netizens commented: “There are still not enough people”, the anchor responded after seeing the comments: “This person is not enough? I have never seen so many people, I’m too busy.”

She once made a hot search because she cried poor, and promised not to increase the price because of the fire

In November last year, Bee Flower was listed on the hot search for “crying poor”. Previously, the new product of Bee Flower Conditioner was released, but many netizens complained that “the new packaging design is getting worse and worse”, “make products with heart, and use feet as packaging”. Some netizens suggested: “Would you like to participate in the National Grand Tournament?” And Fenghua replied: “Is this going to cost money?” “We are already very cheap”, which made many netizens feel distressed, and some netizens worried that this would be used since childhood. Big brands are going to go out of business. To this end, the chairman also personally recorded a clarification video, saying that the company has been developing steadily and healthily.

The “crying for poverty” of the old domestic product Beehua and the sincere response of the chairman to the “collapse” have pushed this affordable national brand to the hot search. After the bee flower was on the hot search, some netizens worried that the price of this cheap and good product would increase after it became popular. The bee flower responded: “As for the price increase, we have indeed increased it, and it has increased by two yuan in the past ten years.” And promised not to increase the price because of the sudden fire.

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The light of domestic products that made us “wild consumption” in those years

In recent years, whether it is beauty, cultural and creative, or food and clothing, the discussion about domestic brands has become more and more hot. On the Weibo platform, someone launched a vote on “Which is the light of the domestic product in your heart?” As of press time, 29,000 people had participated in the vote, of which 11,000 chose Bee Flower, followed by Huawei, DJI, Baixiang and Hongxing Erke.

It is nothing new for traditional domestic brands to become popular again through various means, and being “wild consumption” by netizens. In July last year, there was a sudden rainstorm in Henan, and Hongxing Erke donated 50 million yuan in a low-key way under the circumstance that the company was already losing money. What Hongxing Erke did not expect was that this wave of donations actually triggered the “wild consumption” of netizens. After robbing the goods from the light store, more than 5,000 Hongxing Erke stores across the country were hit by waves of consumers from all over the country. mad buying.

During the Beijing Winter Paralympics, Baixiang was on the hot search after it was revealed that one-third of its employees were disabled. Netizens called it the “light of domestic products” in instant noodles. Baixiang’s Douyin live broadcast room also welcomed There has been explosive growth, and even sold out.

Although domestic brands such as Bee Flower and Hongxing Erke seem to attract netizens’ “wild consumption” with the help of hot topics, behind this is a brand’s accumulation of years of honest management, and there are only conscience products with excellent quality, and consumers are rational and lasting Only with the support can these brands become truly long-term “light of domestic products”.

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