Home Sports The bow of the big volleyball players for Prosecco Doc “Crazy record, now beat the Vakifbank”

The bow of the big volleyball players for Prosecco Doc “Crazy record, now beat the Vakifbank”

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Pisani, Mangiafesta and Mazzanti on 73 consecutive victories: “Every time someone tries to make them fall: incredible series”


Conegliano’s record makes the eyes of those who have experienced volleyball up close, having played at high levels for many years, and now see it with different roles, from technical commentary to managerial duties. The national pride of having a team that is not only world champion still in office (and in a month the title will be up for grabs in Ankara), but capable of equaling the record of 73 consecutive victories of the Vakifbank marries the congratulations for the game, for the talent of the individual players, for the organization of the club.

PISANI: “the Turks RISK BIG”

Giulia Pisani, technical commentator of the women’s championship for Rai Sport, goes even further. “I hope that the next one will also win (with Trentino, Sunday 21 at 17, ed) in order to get out of the cohabitation with the Turks: it was wonderful that they reached them, now I hope they will be able to overcome them and that there is an Italian team alone on top of the world ». The merits of these successes must be divided among all those who have contributed to building such a strong team. «Obviously a lot of it goes to the players and I mention Asia Wolosz, Paola Egonu and Moki De Gennaro for all of them. I believe that an equally great recognition goes to the company for its programming skills: I believe it is an unparalleled model, in which the skills of the technical staff and the coach stand out. Santarelli was able to create and maintain the winning mentality, even with important and prolonged absences: it is really thanks to the group, because without the contribution of all this leadership would not have been achieved ». More than the “easy” victories, it was the last few races, won in the tiebreaker and in a comeback, that showed the true face of the team. “Being down 2 sets to 1 is never easy, even if it depends on how you lose the set: you always have to react and the panthers do it great”.

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MANGIFESTA: “a STELLAR 3-in-a-row”

For Consuelo Mangifesta it is easier, only for reasons of age, the comparison with Teodora Ravenna, dominatrix of the 80s. «When I started that was the invincible team and the point of reference for all Italian volleyball. Then it happened to me with my team, Matera, and to win; a few years had already passed since the record of 72 victories, but they had started another very long series and came from 11 league titles in a row. We eliminated them in the semifinals and it was a joy comparable to the Scudetto a few days later: I therefore understand the teams that face Conegliano today and always put that little bit extra into it ». For a team that has played and won all of the last eight national and international tournament finals, this record is another seal. «Even here in the Lega we have been waiting for him for a long time, unknowingly we cheered for him to arrive. I identified with the players, because I know how difficult it is to win a match, let alone 73 ».

MAZZANTI: “the pillar is de gennaro”

One who knows the Gialloblù environment well is the blue coach Davide Mazzanti. «This record is the result of many things: programming, talent, work. Daniele Santarelli did well with the club to build a winning team around De Gennaro, an important player on and off the pitch; every year grafts of new girls are easily inserted and they are able to blend immediately. He is good at pushing the bar higher and higher and he knows that the team is with him ». –

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