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The British House of Commons unanimously supports a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics | United Kingdom | Beijing Winter Olympics | Xinjiang

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[Epoch Times, July 16, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Xie Jiaxuan comprehensive report) The British House of Commons passed a motion on Thursday (July 15) without objection, urging the Johnson government to conduct the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Diplomatic boycotts unless China (the CCP) ends its atrocities in Xinjiang.

The motion stated that the Olympic Games is an international sporting event and should not be held in a “country that has been credibly accused of committing large-scale atrocities.” The United Kingdom and its representatives should refuse to participate in the Winter Olympics next year unless the Beijing authorities end the event. For the atrocities in Xinjiang, the lawmakers pointed out in the article that the CCP’s “genocide” activities against Uyghur Muslims are now taking place.

The motion also requires the Beijing authorities to lift sanctions on British citizens and entities, including the initiator of the motion, Tim Loughton, a member of the multi-party parliamentary Hong Kong group, and four other transnational parliamentary alliances on China policy ( IPAC) members.

Last month, the IPAC Alliance led the parliaments of ten countries to launch a boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The boycotts initiated by parliamentarians from various countries included requesting the International Olympic Committee to urgently find other venues, including human rights issues on the agenda of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and urging the United Nations to investigate the atrocities committed by Uyghurs and Tibetans.

Lawton said on Thursday that past British attempts to influence changes in China (the CCP) have failed. If the government agrees to a diplomatic boycott, he proposes to follow the example of the United States. Lawton said: “When the Olympics were awarded to Beijing in 2008, the International Olympic Committee promised that the Olympics will become a catalyst for China’s human rights reform.”

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“However, there was a recognized genocide in Xinjiang. Thousands of Tibetans were arrested, imprisoned, displaced, tortured and killed. Then they stifled freedom of speech and political freedom in Hong Kong, and destroyed the “Sino-British Joint Declaration”. “And implemented their national security laws. The CCP has been very smooth in implementing these policies, isn’t it?”

Lawton told Nikkei Asia that if the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Parliament all pass similar motions, it will put pressure on other countries to “let them follow suit.”

“Britain and democracies around the world should send a clear message to Beijing: We will not turn a blind eye to the infringements in Uyghur areas, Tibet and Hong Kong, and we will not let you win a major propaganda victory at the Winter Olympics.”

Although the motion has no actual binding force on the British government, members of the entire House of Commons expressed support.

Iain Duncan Smith, the former leader of the Conservative Party, welcomed the latest decision of the House of Commons. He told Sky News of the United Kingdom that the international community allowed the CCP to host the Winter Olympics next year is tantamount to “pacifying” the totalitarian government.

“We have forgotten what happened when we appeased another terrible dictatorship. When we appeased them, 60 million people died because of our failure, and we are walking the same path today.” Shi Zhian said, ” Today’s debate on the boycott of the (Beijing) Olympics is not just a symbol. We know that when China (the CCP) is criticized by the world and when people use torches to illuminate the things behind it, China (the CCP) is very sensitive. We know how they will react.”

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“Why do we know? Because they sanction people like me and many of my colleagues in this chamber and the European Parliament (the CCP is trying to sanction) people like me.”

British Labour MP Afzal Khan (Manchester Gorton) said, “Although all parties including the British government are condemning (Beijing), there is still a huge gap between these words and actions.” He pointed out, “We cannot admit the (CCP) genocide (atrocities) on the one hand, and send politicians and diplomats to participate in the Beijing Olympics on the other.”

British Foreign Office Minister for Asian Affairs Nigel Adams said that Prime Minister Johnson has not yet made a decision on the British government’s participation in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

He added that the authorities have taken “strong action” against China (the CCP), including sanctions and measures to ensure that British companies and their supply chains do not become “accomplices” in Xinjiang.

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