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The Cafù crisis, between debts and confiscations

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The Cafù crisis, between debts and confiscations

One of the best full-backs in the history of football. They called him Pendolino, for the ability he had to go up and down on that side. 163 games with Roma, 115 with Milan, more than 140 with the Seleçao shirt. A palmares that boasts two championships, two Italian super cups, two European super cups, a Champions League, a Club World Cup and two other World Cups with Brazil. This, in short, is the career of Cafu.

A phenomenal footballer, an iconic character. One of the many footballers who, after retiring, experienced difficult times, including debts, crises and unsustainable expenses.

Cafu at the time of Rome. Photo Source: Il Romanista

The descent of the Pendolino

The story dates back to a few years ago and talks about a Cafù overwhelmed by debt and forced to put his properties up for sale in order to pay his creditors. Economic difficulties that forced him to auction off the family villalocated in one of the most exclusive areas of the city of St. Paul. The property was sold for five million dollars, or just over half of its real estimated value, equal to eight million dollars. A transfer that took place suddenly, which forced the former full-back to have to leave his residence within 45 days. Although he tried to object by leveraging Brazilian law to protect his home, which was registered as his primary residence, Cafu lost the legal battle and had to proceed with the sale. But how was it possible that the historic captain of the Brazilian national team found himself in this situation?

Cafu with the Milan shirt. Photo Source: Goal.com Italy

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Financial problems

The causes are directly explained by the Brazilian press, which reports a series of failed investments and the attempt to collaborate with a businessman who requested large investments, which later turned out to be totally wrong. This is how Cafu’s nightmare began, precisely five years ago, in 2019, when five properties were confiscated due to debts accumulated through his management company, the Capi Penta International Player. A company that aimed to remain in the sports sector, dealing with agents and other aspects related to the careers of athletes. An adventure that didn’t go as he hoped: the stock plummeted, leading to a $1.5 million debt. Cafu, now 53, told the newspaper Newspaper his willingness to repay all debts, even if it means selling all his properties, his car and even his house. A financial collapse that has already forced the former footballer to close the Cafu Foundation, a charitable organization in his hometown, Irene Garden, which for 15 years has contributed to the social redemption of many children.

A fall from which we can start again, an economic descent which however can turn into an upswing. Like the ones Cafu did on the right flank.

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