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The Camino di San Filippo Neri from Cassino to Gaeta, in the heart of Lazio

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The Camino di San Filippo Neri from Cassino to Gaeta, in the heart of Lazio

Il Way of St. Philip Neri, which goes from Cassino to Gaeta, is a route of 120 kilometers approximately in the heart of Lazio, in the provinces of Frosinone and Latina.
It was born in 2022 and is divided into 7 stages which retraces the traces of the first pilgrimage made by the Saint of Joy between 1532 and 1534. It can be done on foot or by bike, a beautiful experience among forests and towns of ancient traditions, up to the sea.
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The Way of San Filippo Neri from Cassino to Gaeta, route and stages

The route of the Cammino di San Filippo Neri starts from Cassino, the old San Germano, in the shadow of the most important monastery in the world, to cross the two historic centers of S.Angelo and S.Ambrogio, resurrected after the collapse of the last conflict world.
Then we continue towards Sant’Andrea del Garigliano, the ancient historic center of Coreno Ausonio, the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Piano di Ausonia, Esperia, the heart of the path of San Filippo Neri, to reach the Mount Redeemerone of the most beautiful views of the entire journey, 1250 meters above the sea.

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The itinerary then continues to Sanctuary of the Madonna della Civita and subsequently for Itri. The path ends in Gaeta, at the Sanctuary of the Santissima Trinità at Montagna Spaccataright where Saint Philip retreated to meditate.

The journey is still young, in fact it was inaugurated in July 2022, and currently registers various pilgrims on its route. It is managed byFriends of the Way of St. Philip Neri association, all volunteers, animated by a single desire: to make this piece of Italy known, in its beauty and authenticity.
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