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The Canoa Club Sile turns ten, a party with six medals and a thousand projects

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The Canoa Club Sile turns ten, a party with six medals and a thousand projects

The contagious passion of Paolo Scarpa and Amita Beqiri: «The secret? Constance and many disciplines “

TREVISO. Canoe as a way of life. The Canoa Club Sile of Treviso blows out 10 candles and celebrates at the Auronzo international championships with six medals. On Lake Misurina Pietro Zorzi and Ejupi Edison win two golds in the C4 category (canoe with a crew of 4) in an inter-company team that represented Italy and won a silver in C2 in the 2000 meters. Daniel Scomparin gets bronze in the K1 category (individual kayak) in the 200 meters and a third place in K4 with athletes from other clubs, fifth places for Thomas Favaro and Nicola Camata and sixth for Anna Caldato. It is the latest chapter of the Canoa Club Sile which on a sporting level is ready to face other national commitments and in parallel since 2012 continues to pursue further goals: the company born from an idea of ​​Paolo Scarpa and Amita Beqiri proposes itself as a teacher of life, carrying out naturalistic activities, entertainment for the little ones, education and social inclusion.

«Canoeing is a family passion – says Paolo Scarpa, founder and president of the Canoe Club Sile and brother of the world champion canoeist Daniele – I moved to Treviso in 2006 to become a personal trainer and look for new stimuli. I alternated work and excursions on the Sile with clients and I saw potential. I met Amita Beqiri who came from catering, a woman who gives an edge, and I proposed to come and work with me despite her inexperience and open a club to spread canoeing ». A bet that turned out to be a winning one, above all because canoeing is not a simple sport but is intertwined with human and naturalistic aspects: “Let’s not confuse rowing, a technical and binding discipline – explains Scarpa – We are smaller cousins, more closely related to nature, the canoe gives a way to experience the water and the territory. This discipline is appreciated at school where we work, we do summer camps and it is a tool to make groups, we cultivate the culture of movement and sport. The contact with water, the green color of the banks and the possibility to immerse oneself in the environment and the flora of the Sile is educational for children ».

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In 2022 it is necessary to take stock: «We are a company that works globally – continues Scarpa – The secret is consistency and coverage of almost all disciplines, at the Italian championships we always win medals. We have a group of 200 members and we work mainly with young people aged 8 to 18. We have won the Dragon Boat European Cup in Barcelona and Dubai and in the last period we are very competitive in the Olympic Canadian. In 10 years we have reached important goals at the youth level and we are confronted with historical teams and the armed forces. Daniel Scomparin is a national, a promise and ready to explode while there are various boys from the youth sector ready to emerge. I can’t wait to take the boys to the Italian championships in Castelgandolfo ».

Amita Beqiri takes stock of the situation after the Auronzo international championships and fixes the next goals: “Another good news is that 16 of our athletes are called to represent Italy at the European dragon boat races between the end of August and the beginning of September – explains Beqiri – In Auronzo there were young people who had the exams in school and managed to participate and get results, a not indifferent goal. From today the junior and cadet categories begin their retreat in Lake Arsié in view of the national championships for clubs in Revine Lago next weekend and the Italian championships in Castelgandolfo in the first week of August. In three weeks we will go to Caldonazzo with 30 guys for a detox from technology, two weeks without cell phones and nothing, to have fun and to train because two weeks later there are the students and cadets championships in the second week of September ».

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