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The Champions league bowl The Albiano meeting center overtakes the Counts of Cavour

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The third edition of the Champions league bowl, organized by Bocciofila di Albiano, in which pinnacola and cornhole (throwing bags in a basket) was also competed. There are two winning teams: for the bowls and cornhole the meeting center was established, while the pinnacola tournament went to the Brazilian party team. Starting from the bowls, the team from the Centro d’incontro di Albiano overcame the Conti di Cavour (finalists and winners in the last edition) 13-5 in the final, while in the cornhole final they beat San Rocco 3-2, at the end of a very close match until the last basket.

The winners of the pinnacola tournament, on the other hand, are the Brazilian Fiesta team which surpasses the Generali team. The entire board of the Albianese bowling club is very satisfied. Says the secretary Roberto Lantero: “In this sporting event, organized for the third consecutive year for the bowls and the world premiere instead for the cornhole and pinnacola, fourteen teams took part for a total of about one hundred and twenty players who gave birth, from Wednesday 26 May to moments of great show. In addition this year, among the novelties, the presence of the musical band that sang the hymn of Mameli both during the cornhole and pinnacola finals on Thursday 1 July, and at the final of the bowls last Saturday ». –

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