Home Sports The Chinese F1 racing driver posted a thank you for the Halo system, and the life-saving “flip-flops” came from this company!

The Chinese F1 racing driver posted a thank you for the Halo system, and the life-saving “flip-flops” came from this company!

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The Chinese F1 racing driver posted a thank you for the Halo system, and the life-saving “flip-flops” came from this company!

In the early morning of July 4th, after a serious rollover accident at the F1 British station, Zhou Guanyu reported to everyone that he was safe through his personal social media. Zhou Guanyu said that it was Halo who saved him, and the entry “Halo system has made a contribution again” also instantly became the number one searched.

At about 22:00 on July 3, the 2022 F1 British Grand Prix had just started when a five-car collision occurred. Zhou Guanyu, the first Chinese F1 driver to represent Alfa Romeo, suffered a rollover and was severely damaged. Relying on the protection of the Halo system, a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric, Zhou Guanyu escaped safely. CP-Tech, which provides this system, is a holding subsidiary of Nedschroef, a subsidiary of Shanghai Jiyou Machinery Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Shanghai Electric.
In this accident, with the roof roll cage completely ineffective, the Halo acted as the last barrier against all subsequent friction and collisions. July 4th morningCopyright Control Engineering NetworkZhou Guanyu updated Weibo to report safety: “I’m fine.Copyright Control Engineering Network, I’m lucky to still be standing here, Halo saved me today. ” and beforewww.cechina.cnIn the F1 Bahrain accident on November 29, 2020, the Halo system once let the driver Grosjean escape from death.

A number of on-track accidents have proven that Halo is extremely important to motorsport. At Spa in Belgium in 2018, Hulkenberg, Alonso and Leclerc all survived a serious crash, and the Halo system has been recognized by the team and drivers.

Halo is a safety system that fully protects the driver’s head for high-speed racing cars, mainly to protect the driver from flying debris. The Halo head protection system is made of titanium alloy materials. At present, titanium structural parts with a diameter of 50mm are mostly used, and the weight is about 7 kg.in testCONTROL ENGINEERING China All rights reserved, the Halo system can withstand a static load 10 times the full mass of the vehicle itself in the case of a vehicle-to-vehicle collision, significantly reducing potential damage. This component of only 7 kg can withstand a shock force of about 12 tons and is the strongest part of the whole car.

as a supplier of the Halo systemCONTROL ENGINEERING China All rights reserved, CP-Tech has been engaged in the R&D and manufacturing of high-performance vehicles and systems for many years, and its business covers market segments such as special vehicles, racing cars, and aerospace industries. In particular, it has rich experience and accumulation in rare metal lightweight design, processing and manufacturing, forward-looking technology research, trial production and small batch production, and is a partner recognized by the FIA.

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