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The Chinese sports delegation at the Tokyo Olympics-the overall performance is in line with expectations, sprinting for better results

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The Chinese sports delegation at the Tokyo Olympics-the overall performance is in line with expectations, sprinting for better results

As of July 31, 339 sub-events of the Tokyo Olympics had ended 154. The Chinese sports delegation participated in 158 minor events, completed 126 minor events, and achieved outstanding results of 21 golds, 13 silvers, 12 bronzes and 46 medals. On the morning of August 1, Chinese track and field athlete Gong Lijiao won the women’s shot put competition, and the number of gold medals for the Chinese sports delegation increased to 22. Halfway through the schedule, China temporarily tops the gold and medal charts.

  Good results in the first half of the competition and overall performance in line with expectations

In the face of fierce competition, the Chinese sports delegation started well with mid-range efforts, and its overall performance was basically in line with pre-match expectations. At the end of the half-time competition, the total number of medals in China was the same as that of the United States, showing that the overall strength of competitive sports has increased.

In the first half of the competition, traditional Chinese diving, weightlifting, and table tennis continued to maintain a dominant position. The strength of badminton, shooting, gymnastics, trampoline and other events has rebounded. Basic events such as swimming and rowing have improved significantly compared with the Rio Olympic Games. Fencing, sailing and other projects have highlights. Group ball events are still in an advantageous position against major Asian opponents. Women’s three-person basketball, rugby, and water polo performed well. Volleyball, taekwondo, judo, archery and other events failed to perform to their level. There is still a big gap between the performance of football, tennis, road cycling and the world-class level.

In the Tokyo Olympics arena, Chinese athletes actively promote the Olympic spirit and Chinese sports spirit in the competition, dare to challenge the limit and achieve self-transcendence, showing a superb competitive level and tenacious fighting spirit. The athletes respect the rules, respect the referees, and respect the opponents. Winning without arrogance and defeat without discouragement demonstrates the vigorous and vigorous spirit of the young generation in China.

Strengthen the management of participating teams and try our best to achieve “zero infection”

During the Olympics, the flow of people and logistics is dense, the housing density in the Olympic village is high, the Chinese sports delegation is large and the team is large, and the epidemic prevention and control situation is severe. The Chinese sports delegation always puts epidemic prevention and control as the top priority, planning ahead, set up a special epidemic prevention and control working group in the regiment department, and invited epidemic prevention experts from Beijing Ditan Hospital to accompany the delegation, and made preparations for epidemic prevention materials and staffing. More fully prepared, the vaccination rate of delegation members reached 99.61%.

Since the Chinese sports delegation arrived in Tokyo, it has strictly complied with the organizing committee’s epidemic prevention and control regulations, and implemented the epidemic prevention and control work in detail: all members of the delegation are strictly required to complete daily health information declaration and saliva sampling, except for training, Wear masks at all times during competitions, eating, drinking, and sleeping, strengthen the investigation of potential epidemic risks, establish a working mechanism for daily epidemic prevention and control inspections, and promote delegation members to further improve their self-protection awareness. In order to avoid possible epidemic risks, timely adjustment of the itinerary, boarding and lodging arrangements for members of the European delegation to Japan directly. At present, the Chinese sports delegation has not had a positive nucleic acid test or a close connection by the organizing committee.

In response to the fact that the 14th National Games will be held shortly after the Tokyo Olympics, the delegation strengthened the coordination of front and rear work, coordinated arrangements for returning returnees to undergo nucleic acid testing, and did a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic situation and isolation training for returning home to strictly prevent import risks. Under the premise of ensuring that athletes and coaches participating in the Olympic Games can participate in the National Games smoothly. As of August 1st, more than 260 members of the Chinese sports delegation have completed their participation tasks and returned home. With the strong support of relevant localities and units, they have arranged isolation in many places in the country, and related work has been carried out in an orderly manner.

Do a solid job in anti-doping work, and strive to achieve “zero occurrence” of doping problems

The Chinese sports delegation resolutely implements the requirements for ethical gold medals, style gold medals, and clean gold medals. With the goal of not having any doping problems, it will do a solid job of anti-doping work during the Tokyo Olympics. Before the delegation went to Japan to participate in the competition, the General Administration of Sports held a special national anti-doping work conference, and established a working mechanism that moves forward “prevention and countermeasures”, and both ends work hard to strengthen the combination of “correction and education”. Strict anti-doping control measures, strict personnel background review, and strict nutrition management. The League Headquarters has strengthened the unified management of anti-doping work, and is equipped with a strong anti-doping work force.

The Chinese sports delegation strictly manages the itinerary to Japan. In principle, all teams start from the country and implement a doping check with full coverage and no dead spots on all athletes before departure. Since arriving in Tokyo, the Chinese sports delegation has strictly required athletes to undergo doping inspections, provide medical drugs, and report whereabouts information in accordance with the requirements of the International Anti-Doping Agency, the International Doping Testing Agency, and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee.

According to the data released by the International Doping Control Agency (ITA), more than 2,000 athletes from more than 150 countries and regions have undergone doping control. The number of times the Chinese sports delegation has undergone doping control is second only to the United States and Australia. So far, there is no abnormal situation.

Organize the second half of the competition and continue to make an impact on good results

Affected by various factors such as the postponement of the Olympic Games and the host’s home court advantage caused by the impact of the epidemic, the world sports landscape has undergone profound changes. The dispute will be extremely fierce. The Chinese sports delegation will continue to participate in weightlifting, diving, table tennis, badminton, shooting, track and field, swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, still water kayaking, sailing windsurfing, track cycling, modern pentathlon, skateboarding, rock climbing, etc. The 99 events of the project will further summarize and analyze the problems found in the first half of the competition, learn from experience and lessons, do detailed preparations for the competition, boost morale, fight for life, face the competition, and strive for good results.

At the same time, the Chinese sports delegation will further strengthen risk awareness, firmly establish a bottom-line thinking, put epidemic prevention and control as the top priority, always maintain a high-pressure anti-doping situation, strengthen team competition discipline and daily education management, and coordinate arrangements according to the established plan The Chinese sports delegation’s return home and isolation training matters. (Transferred to the 02 edition of “China Sports Daily” on August 2)

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