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The Chinese Super League returns to Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium for its first show in 2024-China News

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Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium Hosts Exciting Chinese Super League Season Opener

The 2024 Chinese Super League season kicked off with a bang at the Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium, as Shanghai Harbor Football Club took on Wuhan Three Towns Club in a highly-anticipated match on March 1. The event drew a large number of fans, prompting the Pudong police to make extensive plans and implement multiple measures to ensure the smooth running of the event.

With the increasing popularity of the Pudong Football Stadium and the growing fanbase of the SIPG football team, ticket pre-sales reached unprecedented levels, posing new challenges for security measures. The Pudong Public Security Bureau’s Public Security Detachment proactively coordinated with venue organizers, conducted thorough inspections inside and outside the stadium, and formulated comprehensive security plans in collaboration with relevant departments to guarantee public security, fire protection, and transportation arrangements were flawless.

To accommodate the influx of new spectators this season, the security detachment mandated the security company to increase the number of security inspection machines, gates, and inspectors proportionally. A joint working group comprising Pudong police, Harbor Club, venue management, and security companies supervised security checkpoints to enforce regulations, including the prohibition of bringing personal drinks into the stadium. In response, the venue management provided disposable drink cups for fans to transfer their drinks on-site.

Considering limited parking options near the stadium, the Pudong Police coordinated with the rail transit department to enhance the frequency of rail transit lines on match days. Fans were encouraged to utilize public transportation, with Metro Line 14 and Pudong bus No. 88 offering convenient access to the stadium.

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Drivers were advised to adhere to traffic regulations and follow the instructions of on-site staff to avoid congestion. The police emphasized the importance of prioritizing public transportation to ensure a seamless and enjoyable experience for all attendees at the Shanghai Pudong Football Stadium.

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