Home Sports The Chinese team won the 9th place in the sled World Cup team relay Yanqing “Snow Youlong” makes players from all over the world hooked-International Online

The Chinese team won the 9th place in the sled World Cup team relay Yanqing “Snow Youlong” makes players from all over the world hooked-International Online

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The Chinese team won the 9th place in the sled World Cup team relay. Yanqing “Snow Youlong” made athletes from all over the world hooked

International Online News (Reporter Peng Yanyuan): “Meet in Beijing” 2021/2022 International Sled Federation World Sled World Cup ended on the 21st at the National Snow Sled Center “Snow You Dragon” in Yanqing, Beijing. On the same day, Austria’s Aigle won the women’s single sled gold medal in 1:58.822. In the team relay event, the popular German team made a mistake in the final stage and only ranked 7th; the championship was won by the Austrian team in 3:06.953, and the United States and Italy ranked second and third. The Chinese team won the 9th place. At this point, the Beijing Winter Olympics test match and the first Winter Olympic points match of this season are all over.

In the last team relay contest, the Chinese team composed of Hu Huilan, Fan Duoyao, Huang Yebo/Peng Junyue slipped a time of 3:14.521, and finally ranked 9th among the 14 teams. The strong wind cooled down that day, which created a great challenge for the players. Many people, including the German player Egert/Beneken, who won the double gold medal, have made big and small mistakes.

In this regard, Hu Huilan, who was the first to set off for the Chinese team, said that the weather was too cold and the ice surface was hard, making it more difficult for the athletes to control themselves and the sled posture. This was also the reason why she had slipped and rolled over. However, the World Cup and the International Training Week have increased their confidence in realizing their dream of “representing China in the Winter Olympics”: “During training, I can see that my performance and the distance between the masters are getting closer. Say, I feel more and more confidence. Although today’s relay is really not very good, but I don’t think it is a big deal. Because the road ahead is still long, we are now making rapid progress. (Realizing the Winter Olympics dream ), I am very confident anyway!”

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From now on, the dream journey of the Chinese sled has entered the sprint stage. Fan Duoyao, the captain of the Chinese team, said that the key to this stage is the mental state: “We lack experience in major competitions and practical experience, and we have participated in very few games. Like me, this is the first time to participate in the World Cup (main game). Therefore, we have a lot of I have to learn things. I think the most important thing is to adjust your mental state, face the game with a smile, and slide to the level you should be. Everything is ok, and it should not be bad.”

The rapid progress of the Chinese team has of course been noticed by players from all over the world. Team relay champion Austrian men’s singles player Grescher said that he was pleasantly surprised to see Chinese players in the team relay and men’s singles races. Through hard work, Chinese athletes will surely improve their results. He also pointed out that the performance of the host of the Winter Olympics is crucial to the promotion of sledding: “From the perspective of promoting sledding, the Winter Olympics is a larger stage than the average World Cup competition. Equally important, the host is the main player. Create a good team to compete. For example, the Chinese team can start from this World Cup and become stronger. I look forward to competing with them in the Beijing Winter Olympics.”

Austria and Germany are the big winners of the first World Cup of the Winter Olympics season, each winning two championships. However, there is another big winner that must be mentioned, and that is the “Snow Dragon” circuit. After the International Training Week and the World Cup, sled masters from various countries have not only learned more about the characteristics of the Winter Olympics circuit, but also attracted by its charm. Although sledding is high-speed and exciting, it is not just an adventure, but also requires smart mind and precise calculation-and this is the deepest feeling Xueyoulong gives athletes.

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Egert, the double champion, said that Xueyoulong is longer than many tracks and requires players to maintain longer attention and use more brains. He said: “This track is difficult because the corners have relatively low grip. On other tracks, you can easily find points to help you turn. But here, you need to be in front of the race. Be better prepared in your mind. This feature makes Xue Youlong very interesting and very difficult. If you make a mistake in the first half and lose too much time, it will be difficult to catch it back in the second half, because the last A few corners are very difficult, and you are already drifting in a relaxed state (it’s hard to accelerate).”

Xue Youlong was very enjoyable to skate, and the organization of the test competition also made everyone very satisfied. The double bronze medalist, Sikes of Latvia, had been to China when he was certified on the track, and he had experienced Xueyoulong in advance. Returning to Yanqing this time, he said: “We like this track and the people here more. Everyone is very friendly. When we need help, we will get help immediately. Now the world is affected by the epidemic, and I think China has done the best in terms of epidemic prevention. We are operating in a closed loop and feel very safe. The organization has done a great job!”

Athletes from all over the world are looking forward to the arrival of the Winter Olympics, looking forward to showing sledding, a highly ornamental and attractive sport, in front of Chinese audiences. Fan Duoyao said: “If you don’t know this project, the first thing that many people think of is the dog pulling the sledge (laugh). Because I haven’t seen it before, I can’t imagine it. Then, I will tell them that this is the real F1 on snow! Real speed and passion!”


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