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The Chinese version of “Shark Beach” starts with Chen Xiaojun starring in the human shark battle – Qianlong.com.cn

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The Chinese version of “Shark Beach” starts with Chen Xiaojun starring in the human shark battle – Qianlong.com.cn

Source title: The Chinese version of “Shark Beach” starts with Chen Xiaojun starring in the human shark war

The Chinese version of “Shark Beach” adapted from the original IP of the classic thriller film “Shark Beach” was launched in Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis today. All the main actors, creators and representatives of all parties in the film, Song Jia, vice president of iQIYI, general manager of the Film Center, Wu Yan, founder and CEO of Yingmei Media, Huang Dai, director of Huasuo Film and Television, Zhang Yucheng, co-founder and vice president of content of Yingmei Media, and director of operations of China Record Group Xiao Peng, Yan Xiaoqiang, general manager of Jingxing Daochuang Group, and special guest Suo Lei, director of Oriental Movie Metropolis, attended the opening ceremony. The film is produced by iQiyi, Yingmei Media, Huasuo Film and Television, and jointly produced by China Record Group and Jingxing Daochuang Group. The film is produced and produced by Yingmei Media and Hot Ying, exclusively announced and distributed by Yingmei Media, and visual marketing by idr studio.

Life and death game extreme escape makes a thriller that suits the taste of Chinese audiences

The background of the film’s story takes place on a beach that looks calm but is actually full of “shark” machines. The combination of sunshine, beach, sea water and handsome men and beautiful women, beautiful body and bursting hormones create a free and cheerful holiday atmosphere, but everything is broken by the crisis hidden in the bottom of the water, the horror of this danger slowly approaching will give the audience a sense of horror with great shock. At the same time, compared with the original “Shark Shore”, the film is more suitable for Chinese audiences in terms of plot and character settings. I believe that the wonderful plot narration and rich character settings will definitely attract the attention of the audience.

In order to better restore the immersive state of the protagonist at sea, the film specially selected Qingdao as the filming location. Because the film contains a lot of visual effects, it uses a combination of interior and exterior scenes. The indoor and outdoor water sheds used in the film are the largest in Asia, and the open water can create a more realistic and restored visual effect. The protagonist will also complete a series of difficult water actions such as diving and surfing, which is very exciting.

Chen Xiaojun joins a group of leading actors in a surprise group training ahead of schedule

The heroine of the film is played by the powerful actress Chen Xiaoyun, who is well known to the audience for her “Mrs. Dendrobium” and “Little Farewell”. This time, Chen Xiaoyun will challenge to play a doctor who loves extreme sports. She is a dual “ability person” of body and brain, and an absolute “big heroine”. The heroine looks sweet and considerate, but she is actually soft on the outside and firm on the inside, which coincides with Chen Xiaoyun. And Chen Xiaoyun has excellent swimming ability and has performed well in “Supernova Games”, which can help her interpret this role. The male protagonist of the film is played by Wang Sen, a powerful actor who has worked with Chen Xiaojun in “Actors Please Take Your Place”.

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Because in this shooting, water play is the top priority. The actions that the actors have to complete in the water are very difficult. Therefore, including Chen Xiaoyun, Wang Sen, Ding Wenbo, Wu Wenjing, Yang Chaoran, Peng Biyao, Li Sinan and other leading actors, joined the group in advance to conduct extremely difficult water training such as surfing and diving. The crew invited Qingdao local national coaches in advance to provide professional guidance on the actors’ movements and states in the water, as well as physical training, and to ensure the safety of completing the water movements. In the sultry weather of high temperature and high humidity in Qingdao, the actors trained their movements over and over again, showing the professional side of their roles. I believe that each leading actor will present a satisfactory answer sheet to the audience. .

Hot movie production escorts the visual impact and upgrades

The film is produced by Hit Movie Production. Hot Movie Production, as the first production label of Yingmei Media, has maintained continuous output and professional cultivation. This time, a lot of production experience and production concepts from previous works are brought together into “Shark Shore”. To ensure professional quality, there is a valuable output of the story content. The director and screenwriter work is performed by the second half (Tang Xu). His representative works “Insect Storm in the Dunes” and “Crisis on the Center of the Earth” have been widely praised in the fields of disaster films and thrillers. I look forward to his brain opening this time.

The photography team this time is led by Mike Liu Zhihui, who has performed well in the cinema series of “The Climber”, “Wolf Warrior” and “Tai Chi”. Participated in the special effects of Yihe film and television in the well-known film and television works “Sweeping the Black Storm”, “Eternal Juechen”, and “Si Teng”; The two heroes of the room work together to complete the visual effects work, vowing to present a visual feast with realism and impact to the audience.

How will the Chinese version of “Shark Beach” reinterpret the classic IP? How will the combination of horror + monsters and other elements be presented? Let’s wait and see!

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