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The Chinese women’s volleyball team wants to achieve great results_Netherlands_stage_opponents

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The Chinese women’s volleyball team wants to achieve great results_Netherlands_stage_opponents

Original title: The Chinese women’s volleyball team wants to achieve great results in the Women’s Volleyball World Championships

“We want to challenge our opponents! While showing our technical and tactical level, we are aiming at the goal of achieving better results in this World Championships.” After arriving in Europe for the 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships with teammates , Yuan Xinyue, the captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, confided. The 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships will be held from September 23 to October 15. This event will be jointly hosted by the Netherlands and Poland. The Chinese women’s volleyball team, which is in Group D with Brazil, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, and the Czech Republic, will take on the above opponents one by one in Arnhem, the eastern port city of the Netherlands.

Prepare for battle – practice three times a day to make up for shortcomings

On July 19 this year, the Chinese women’s volleyball team returned home safely after finishing the journey of the 2022 World Women’s Volleyball League. The whole team of 30 people then returned to the Ningbo Beilun training base to prepare for the Women’s Volleyball World Championships.

It is understood that during this closed training period, the Beilun Base has equipped each national women’s volleyball team with physical training equipment, and everyone will be contacted in time through video to recover their physical fitness after the World League. Afterwards, the whole team immediately started preparations for the World Championships which lasted for more than a month. According to coach Cai Bin, during the preparation period, the players practiced almost three times a day, making full use of more than a month of training and preparation to solve the problems exposed by the World League and make up for their shortcomings.

Expedition – 16 players will go to Europe with the team, and the 14-man roster will be submitted before the game

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In the early morning of September 18th, Beijing time, the Chinese women’s volleyball team set off from China to the Netherlands. The 16 players accompanying the team included: four main attackers (Jin Ye, Wang Yunwei, Wang Yizhu, Li Yingying), four auxiliary attackers (Yuan Xinyue, Yang Hanyu, Gao Yi) , Wang Yuanyuan), three secondaries (Diao Linyu, Ding Xia, Yu Jiarui), three freelancers (Wang Weiyi, Ni Feifan, Wang Mengjie) and two supporters (Gong Xiangyu, Chen Peiyan).

It is worth mentioning that Lai Yawen, who is a “six dynasties veteran” of the Chinese women’s volleyball coaching staff, also joined the team as the team leader this time, which undoubtedly makes the coaching staff of the Chinese women’s volleyball team led by coach Cai Bin more calm and confident. According to the official Weibo of the Chinese Volleyball Association, the Chinese women’s volleyball team arrived in Amsterdam on the morning of the 18th local time in the Netherlands after a long flight, and then took the bus of the Organizing Committee to Arnhem, where the group stage was held, and went to a local training hall. Training started. In addition to allowing the players to adapt to the local climate and environment as soon as possible, the coaching staff will also use the last few days to finalize the final list of 14 players. This official list will be submitted to the FIVB before the start of the game.

Schedule – The competition system has been fine-tuned, and the group stage has something to watch

The women’s volleyball world championship has always been characterized by many participating teams, long schedule and high intensity. A total of 24 teams have qualified for the main round of the women’s volleyball world championship. The competition is divided into the first stage group stage, the second stage semi-finals, the third stage quarter-finals, the fourth stage semi-finals and finals. Compared with the previous World Championships, the competition system has been slightly adjusted. The main reason is that the third stage of the competition was changed from the last six finals to the quarter-finals this year, which involved eight teams. Team, the pressure in the first two stages has been relatively reduced. After all, there are eight teams that can advance to the knockout rounds, and the strong teams have more room for error.

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In the first stage of the group stage, the Chinese women’s volleyball team will compete with five opponents in the same group in a single round-robin competition. In the end, the top four in the group can enter the second stage of the rematch (the first stage results will be carried into the second stage). In the group stage, the two matches between the Chinese women’s volleyball team and the Brazilian team and the Japanese team undoubtedly attracted the most attention from Chinese fans. In the contest with the Japanese women’s volleyball team for the title of “Asian hegemony”, whether the Chinese team can take advantage of the online advantage to suppress the opponent’s fast and changeable and resilient “floor defense” is the key to determining the outcome. In the battle with the Brazilian women’s volleyball team, the Chinese team, which lacks Zhu Ting, must emphasize the word “team”, especially when Li Yingying’s strong attack is blocked, more players are needed to come forward, use more flowers and reduce mistakes to patiently compete with opponents Dealing with it, once the opponent falls into the mood of impatience, the opportunity for the Chinese girl will come. It is worth mentioning that in addition to Brazil and Japan, the half of the Chinese team also includes strong teams such as Italy and the Netherlands. The Chinese women’s volleyball team’s road to the quarter-finals will never be smooth.

Goal – to protect eight and fight for four? Let’s see how far the Chinese women’s volleyball team can go!

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In the history of the Chinese women’s volleyball world championships, the girls once stood on the top podium twice in 1982 and 1986, and they are just a handful. 36 years. The last World Championship was held in Japan in 2018, and the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the third place.

Cai Bin

Now, the new Chinese women’s volleyball team led by Cai Bin is about to usher in the first heavyweight world competition of the Paris Olympic cycle. The goal of “protecting eight and fighting for four” has been formulated. Indeed, the current Chinese women’s volleyball team does not have the strength to compete for gold and silver in the World Championships, and even advancing to the quarter-finals will encounter considerable challenges. However, the entire Chinese team that went to Europe is eager to go further, and coach Cai Bin made it clear: “We will go all out, give full play to our own level, carry forward the spirit of the women’s volleyball team, and strive for good results with tenacious and hard-working style! “

Attachment: 2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championships Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team Schedule (Below are all Beijing time):

September 25, 20:00 China vs Argentina

September 27th 20:00 China vs Colombia September 28th 20:15 China vs Japan September 30th 20:00 China vs Czech Republic October 1st 20:00 China vs Brazil

2022 Women’s Volleyball World Championship Group Stage:

Group A: Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Cameroon, Kenya;

Group B: Poland, Turkey, Dominica, South Korea, Thailand, Croatia;

Group C: United States, Serbia, Germany, Bulgaria, Canada, Kazakhstan;

Group D: Brazil, China, Japan, Colombia, Argentina, Czech Republic.

Text: Jin Peng, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

Photo: Xinhua News AgencyReturn to Sohu, see more


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