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“The coach is a little man”: disqualified

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Player Yari Masoh had criticized coach Lauria to a local newspaper. The federal prosecutor stops him for 15 days


An interview released last June 30 to the Corriere delle Alpi, containing stinging statements against his former coach at Belluno, costs Yari Masoch 15 days of disqualification imposed by the federal prosecutor.

The midfielder from Gosaldo born in 1992, who this season plays with Treviso in Excellence, had defined the coach Renato Lauria a “little man”. Historical player of Belluno in Serie D, Masoch in the summer had not been reconfirmed in the squad of the newborn Dolomiti Bellunesi. But it wasn’t the unexpected exclusion that bothered him, but the ways in which the decision would be communicated to him. Five months ago in the newspaper he explained: «I was decidedly embittered, in particular with the coach Lauria who in his manner and timing proved to be a small man. The decision not to confirm I was told that it was his, but he didn’t even call me to communicate it to me and perhaps to confront me: he made others do it. His choice, like it or not, of course I have to accept, but I was hoping I had earned a different respect after all these years. Evidently it wasn’t like that ».

«I was not even allowed an interview to explain the reasons for the exclusion», Masoch continued in the interview 5 months ago, «this has left me really thrilled. I thought I deserved better treatment, even just a meeting, so that the real motivations could be explained to my face. This was not the case and I was very sorry. I think I have given a lot from a human point of view and I expected a different treatment. What happened? I do not know. I’m used to always saying things to people’s faces and this characteristic doesn’t pay off in football ».

That “little man” must not have liked the technician Lauria, who apparently then filed a complaint with the federal prosecutor. The FIGC therefore agreed with Masoch for a 15-day ban. The provision states that the sanction is due to public declarations detrimental to the prestige, reputation and decorum of the coach. Thanks to an injury, Masoch was not among those called up the day before yesterday at Tenni for the big match of Excellence against Portomansuè, won 1-0 by Treviso. Physically, the player may need a few more days to recover, so in this respect the disqualification would be almost “painless”. In recent years there have been some similar disqualifications in Veneto, for example against players or managers who have criticized the referee in an excessive manner on social networks. –

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