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The coach of Alessandria Moreno Longo: “I want to concentrate for the full 90 ‘, you need courage and more personality”

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ALEXANDRIA. For Mr. Longo, the individual mistakes that cost the Grays as many defeats in the first three games of the Serie B championship are becoming an obsession. The coach from Alessandria yesterday insisted a lot on this type of lack that the team shows when the energies and clarity drop. These are the decisive moments in a match.

According to the coach, there are some possible remedies that his boys can adopt to avoid throwing away precious points, as happened with Benevento, Pisa and Brescia. “First of all, the concentration that must remain at the top for all 95 ‘(with the recovery being the average duration of a match) and in particular when you play the ball in certain areas of the field (in front of your own area, for example) – explains Longo -. And we need to be more practical, to propose a less risky game ».

Then, according to Longo, training during the week can help: «By creating those situations that can then be repeated in the game, you can learn to manage these moments of difficulty. The training must be interpreted with great application, in order to finish the session with great satisfaction, with the awareness of having done things right. In any case, there is no objection to the commitment that the players put in during the week ».

Another aspect that Longo underlined is that not having scored points yet should not affect the team. «We must continue to work and stay on the pitch as we did in the first three games, without being influenced by the results that did not arrive – continues Longo -. We need courage and above all more personality, in order to immerse ourselves in a reality, the Serie B, which should not scare us, but should give further impetus and enthusiasm ».

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Two teams, Lecce and Alessandria, hungry for points, with a lying ranking position. “True, if we analyze the danger index of the two teams, they have so far been among the best from this point of view.” Salentini who in attack can field a real bugbear, like Massimo Coda. “But Lecce is not just Coda, with him there is a certain Strafezza – says Longo -: they make up an attack among the best in the category”. A help to Alexandria may perhaps come from the cabal: Longo did not know of the unbeatenability of the Grays traveling to Lecce throughout its history. Mister, do you believe in the cabal? “If I believed it, I’d be putting my hands under the table right now. What can I say … We hope to continue this favorable tradition ».

Meanwhile, good news from the infirmary. Giuseppe Prestia, the central defender who had to miss the first three games of the Serie B championship due to injury, one of the backbones of the defense, one of the main protagonists of the promotion to Serie B, has started training again starting from Wednesday with the rest of the group. Yesterday, September 16, Mr. Moreno Longo hoped to be able to at least call him for Lecce. He would certainly leave from the bench having, as the coach pointed out, autonomyia of a reduced duration.

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