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the conditions for permanence

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the conditions for permanence

Future Pioli, the coach wants confirmation: these are the conditions for staying at Milan

As reported by Tuttosportthe return of the Europa League, today the match at San Siro between Milan e Rennes for the first leg of the round of 32 (kick-off at 9pm), will inevitably also mark the fate of Stefano Pioli.

Winning the trophy would guarantee him a certain permanence for next season too but also arriving at least in the semi-finals combined with qualification for the Champions League through the championship, and perhaps with second place, would push the Rossoneri club to confirm it.

Pioli’s Milan lost the derby badly

The Milan coach has made his own decision on the future and communicated it to Giorgio Furlani, Rossoneri CEO.

The former Lazio and Inter player wants to remain on the Devil’s bench also next season, honoring the remaining year of his contract and perhaps also talking about a possible extension. Milan respects Pioli and would have no problem continuing with him but the results will decide the future, especially those in the Europa League: lWinning the trophy or reaching the semi-finals would guarantee the coach’s confirmation.

Milan transfer market, Bayern Munich lands on Theo Hernandez: the latest

Important indiscretion coming from Germany, and in particular from Kicker, regarding the AC Milan transfer market next summer.

In fact, Bayern Munich would have made a strong move on Theo Hernandez, French full-back for the Rossoneri and pillar of Stefano Pioli’s team. The Rossoneri’s position is clear: Furlani and Moncada are planning a meeting at the end of the season with the player’s entourage to plan the renewal of the contract, currently expiring in June 2026, 2028. The Devil has clear ideas.

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San Siro-Milan, the words of Mayor Sala

Speaking on the sidelines of the Urban Economy Forum, Giuseppe Salamayor of Milan, returned to talk about the San Siro issue, a topic that closely affects Milan and Inter:

San Siro, Inter- Juve

San Siro? I would never want to sell it. Today we have a constraint, which is a rental contract, until June 2030 but if the teams really decide to leave and formally inform us that they are now on another horizon I cannot risk causing financial damage to the Municipality and arrive at the last moment to find the buyer. In reality, there are and always have been interests in San Siro. But these are all things that I keep in the drawer because I wouldn’t want to end up having to sell it to someone else. Obviously we could also enrich the area, in addition to the stadium, because there are volumetric rights attached which are those envisaged by the PGT, so it could be a solution”.

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