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The Coppa Italia belongs to Imoco Volley: 3-0 in Milan, trophy number 19 for Conegliano

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The Coppa Italia belongs to Imoco Volley: 3-0 in Milan, trophy number 19 for Conegliano

Win. Win. Strongly win. The Processo Doc Imoco Conegliano can only do this. And he continues to do it in the way he does best, that is by imposing his own game and breaking Milan’s ambitions: dry 3-0.

The Coppa Italia, which before the match is just a hologram, full of special effects and laser projections, is still firmly in the hands of the panthers. It is the thirteenth consecutive national trophy for Conegliano, which brings the sequence from the 2018 championship (April 29) to yesterday to 1736 days. On the pitch we celebrate almost as if it were the first time, in the few hours available before getting on the plane to Budapest already today, in view of the Champions League.

Santarelli adjusts the sextet with respect to the semifinal, inserting Squarcini in the center instead of Fahr. Gaspari focuses on the main formation that had easily eliminated Bergamo. Larson and Thompson immediately push hard (0-3), after Squarcini’s mistake in serving. When it’s Haak’s turn from nine meters it becomes clear on which tracks the panthers intend to direct the evening. The blows are strong, tense and precise, targeting Sylla, who is being targeted by her former companions. Having reached parity at 4, Conegliano quickly finds the break starting from the service (9-6) and leaving Milan with a modest 23% in reception at the end of the set. Haak literally does what he wants by adding strength and direction of the shots, the Lombards are forced to force and make mistakes (15-9). Only Thompson tries to react (16-12), but there are also two blocks and a first half by Squarcini who dig another furrow and effectively close the contest (23-14).

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Cook attacks regularly between the first and second sets, compensating for some mistakes by Plummer (4-5). Milan finds more space in attack also with Sylla, in addition to the usual Thompson. Conegliano doesn’t concede more than a couple of points ahead and equalizes at 10 following a mistake by Larson. The panthers get something less from the joke, but they monetize with the walls of Lubian and Wolosz (14-12). However, the face and grit of Milan are very different and make the match much more interesting and balanced. Thompson equalized at 17, but Haak and Cook signed another small break with a diagonal and a lob (20-18).

The first mistake in the set by the Swede grants parity again in Milan, but in turn Folie and Candi waste and give two set points to the panthers. Lubian sends the first one into the net, Plummer passes diagonally. Despite a slightly higher number of errors (11 to 8), Conegliano prevails when blocking and receiving and above all shows the face of the best evenings. The message concerns this evening and this final, but it is already being projected to the championship and also to the Champions League, where an intersection cannot be ruled out, like last year. The panthers don’t give in to pauses and skids, so much so that the third set, after a very long break dedicated to performances, opens with a still very hot Conegliano. The opening 6-1 is already almost a sentence for the hopes of Milan. Gaspari’s changes, who tries with Rettke and Daviskyba, yield little and late (20-15).

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Also in Bologna we celebrate with prosecco and the third trophy of the season makes the gialloblù showcase grow even bigger.


2 Club World Cup 2019 – 2022

5 league titles,: 2016-2018-2019-2021–2022

5 Italian Cups 2017-2020-2021-2022-2023

1 champions league 2021

6 Italian Super Cup 2016-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022

Tot.19 trophies since 2012, the year the company was founded.

Since 4 February 2019 (Italian Cup final in Verona vs Novara) Prosecco DOC Imoco Conegliano has so far won all the national trophies up for grabs between the Scudetto, the Italian Cup and the Italian Super Cup.

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