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The Cortina-Dobbiaco run speaks Kenyan Splendida Mazzucco: second among women

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Kenyan Isaac Kipkemboi Too (color bearer of Run2Gether) is the absolute winner of the twenty-first edition of the Cortina – Dobbiaco run.

For women, however, the race speaks Ethiopian, thanks to the standard bearer of the Il Fiorino sports group, Meseret Engidu Ayele, who first crossed the finish line in Dobbiaco.

Two thousand five hundred runners arrived in the queen of the Dolomites from all over Italy to participate in the thirty kilometers started yesterday morning at 8 from Corso Italia.

The route retraced the ancient route of the railway that connected Cortina d’Ampezzo to Dobbiaco. Among the Belluno people, Said Boudalia (fifth overall) and Sara Mazzucco (third) stand out.

Kenyan triplet

In the first kilometers it was Rodgers Maiyo, Evans Kipkorir Kiptum, Isaac Kipkemboi Too, Markus Ploner and Said Boudalia from Belluno who took the lead.

After rounding the Cimabanche pass, in the long descent towards the finish line (located inside the park of the Grand Hotel in Dobbiaco) Kipkemboi Too and Maiyo increased their pace gaining precious seconds on their pursuers. Arrived on the shores of Lake Dobbiaco, the Kenyan increased his pace again until he took off alone and stopped the clock at 1. 38. 47.

Rodgers Maiyo and Evans Kipkorir Kiptum reached the finish line in second and third position respectively. With Maiyo di faatto not even a minute from the first classified.

But the fourth and fifth places obtained by the Italians Markus Ploner and Said Boudalia are also of great importance, the latter athlete, as is known, under the Trichiana Athletics. both within a few minutes of the top positions and the podium.

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Mazzucco on the podium

In the women’s race, Meseret Engidu Ayele took possession of the leadership of the race right from the start and since then she has not, in fact, ever given it to her opponents, holding on without being overly worried. For her, a race of less than two hours overall.

Behind him was the blue Barbara Bani who did everything to question the supremacy of the very strong Ethiopian athlete, but at the finishing line in Dobbiaco she had to settle for second position (so to speak, of course).

Engidu Ayele, on the other hand, already after 1. 48.35 had stopped the clock, obtaining among other things the seventh best time overall. But the podium also speaks Belluno, because after Bani (second in 2. 02. 37) Sara Mazzucco crossed the finish line, third with a time of 2. 06. 14.

The organization

The event is archived with an extremely positive balance.

«Completing the race in the Dolomites», Gianni Poli, organizer of the Cortina – Dobbiaco run explained at the end of the day, «was not easy. Moving the date to September was the only solution to be able to give continuity to our event. Next year everything will return to normal with the date in June and the program will be complete ».

The race was preceded, on Saturday, by a series of side events, from the Cammina gustando (a food and wine walk to discover Lake Dobbiaco and the Dolomite products) to the show of the actor Sebastiano Gavasso (he interpreted a passage from the book of Roberto Di Sante Run from hell to Central Park), up to the story of Sergio Cariati, who ran his first Cortina Dobbiaco run in memory of his wife, Emanuela Doddi, who died prematurely.

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The rankings

Men: 1. Isaac Kipkemboi Too (Run2Gether) 1. 38. 47, 2. Rodgers Maiyo (Podistica Torino) 1. 39. 31, 3. Evans Kipkorir Kiptum (Run2Gether) 1. 41. 15, 4. Markus Ploner (Sterzing) 1. 42. 46, 5. Said Boudalia (Atletica Trichiana) 1. 45. 45, 6. Marco Mazzon (Run athletic team) 1. 46. 35, 7. Giorgio Ioppolo (Polisportiva Sant’Orso Aosta) 1. 49. 00, 8. Giuseppe Del Priore (Edera Forlì) 1. 50. 03, 9. Massimiliano Strappato (AmatOsimo) 1. 51. 44, 10. Federico Ciocca (L’Aquila) 1. 52. 08.

Women: 1. Meseret Engidu Ayele (Il fiorino) 1. 48. 35, 2. Barbara Bani (Free-zone) 2. 02. 37, 3. Sara Mazzucco (Athletics Dolomites Belluno) 2. 06. 14, 4. Giovanna Puma (Winner Foligno) 2. 10. 21, 5. Silvy Turcato (Piombino Dese) 2. 11. 13, 6. Tamara Giorgi (Trieste) 2. 12. 13, 7. Mariangela Stringaro (Keep Moving) 2. 13. 17 , 8. Elena Darra (Km Sport Team) 2. 16. 50, 9. Paola Faustin (Trentino running team) 2. 17. 24, 10. Sara Cortina (The hill) 2. 17. 41. –

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