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The country’s first “Village Gas Volleyball” competition to create a “travel with the event” brand ended in Changtai – News – Southeast Network Zhangzhou Channel

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The 2023 China Changtai Rural Volleyball Open Wraps Up

The three-day 2023 China Changtai Rural Volleyball Open concluded in Changtai on November 27, marking the country’s first “village gas volleyball tournament.” The event saw 910 athletes from 101 teams representing 15 provinces across the country, including Beijing, Hubei, Zhejiang, and Guangdong. The competition culminated with the Changtai Jingyuan Village Gas Volleyball Team clinching the first place in the men’s youth group, Changtai Wu’an Town Gas Volleyball Team securing the first place in the men’s middle-aged group, Zhangzhou Shanyu Investment Team emerging victorious in the women’s youth group, and Fujian Xun Mingjia claiming the top spot in the middle-aged women’s category.

The tournament served as an opportunity for Changtai to leverage the event’s influence to promote sports consumption, accelerate the integrated development of culture, tourism, sports, and agriculture, and establish a “travel with the event” brand. It aimed to turn the “traffic” of the event into an “increment” of development.

The competition scene was filled with exhilarating moments as teams from across the country fiercely battled it out. Spectators were treated to a showcase of skill and teamwork, with smashes, blocks, and assists keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Off the court, 60 gourmet boutiques and 30 intangible cultural heritage products were on display and available for purchase, offering athletes and spectators the chance to savor authentic mountain and sea food, southern Fujian cuisine, and experience the local culture of Zhangzhou.

Despite the thrilling displays of athleticism, the event also shed light on the challenges and sacrifices made by the players. Captains and team members showcased unwavering determination and resilience, with some competing through injuries sustained during the games. The competition boasted three venues, namely the Changtai Gymnasium, Longjin Cultural and Sports Center, and Workers’ Cultural Palace of Cultural and Sports Center, and featured a total of 229 intense games over three days.

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The Inflatable Volleyball Open was guided by the Chinese Volleyball Association and co-sponsored by the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau, the Fujian Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, the Fujian Rural Revitalization Research Association, and the Zhangzhou Municipal People’s Government.

The first-place winners will receive bonuses and local agricultural products valued at a total of 20,000 yuan. The tournament not only highlighted the spirit of sportsmanship but also served as a platform for promoting rural volleyball and showcasing the talents of athletes from across the country.

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