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The decathlon league is booming, and the sports industry opens up a “dual arena”

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The decathlon league prosperous professional skills competition stimulates kinetic energy

Jingchu Sports Industry Opens up “Double Arena”

The 2021 Hubei Provincial Social Sports Club Decathlon Youth Swimming Competition will be held in Hongshan Cultural and Sports Center. (Photo by Shi Gong, a reporter from Hubei Daily)

Hubei Daily Reporter Yang Ran

In the field of sports, it is the norm for athletes to compete on the field, but the competition skills of event organizers are rare. Since the beginning of this year, the sports department of our province has innovated to open up a “dual arena”, to create a social sports club decathlon league and a sports industry professional skills competition. The two major arenas go hand in hand and promote each other. Recently, the sports industry professional skills competition has determined the gold medal, and the social sports club events are gradually coming to an end. The “double venues” stimulate each other and inject new vitality into the development of the sports industry in our province.

Youth storm vitality throughout the province

On October 17, “Ju” force Hubei to “win” the future 2021 Hubei Provincial Social Sports Club Decathlon Baseball and Softball Finals was held in Han, with more than 100 players from 7 teams in Wuhan, Xiangyang, Jingzhou, Tianmen and other places Participate. Since March, this kind of youth sports events have been fully launched across the province, covering football, three-person basketball, table tennis, tennis, paddle board, martial arts, taekwondo, swimming, baseball and softball, roller skating and other items, attracting elementary and middle schools and the society. Sports clubs and others actively form teams to participate, with approximately 10,000 participating athletes.


In 2021, the ten leagues of social sports clubs in our province will have a clear theme. The clubs, sports enterprises and the related project centers of the Provincial Sports Bureau will jointly organize the competitions to create a branded event with “vigorous events, cohesive resources, and motivation to participate”. Focus on promoting the high-quality development of the sports industry. In terms of project setting, not only considers the popularity of various sports among the young people in our province, but also closely follows the project layout of the Provincial Games to cultivate sports reserve talents with professional potential.

The competition organization system is more complete and scientific. The ten leagues of social sports clubs are “combined into parts”. Each event is divided into sub-stations and finals. They are held in different cities. The scale of participation is more reasonable, which is conducive to epidemic prevention and control, and also allows more counties and cities to have the opportunity to host Provincial competitions allow more children from counties and towns to participate.

Expert skills contest each show its magic

On October 23, the 2021 Hubei Sports Industry Professional Skills Competition final roadshow was held at the Provincial Olympic Sports Center. This is the first time that our province has held a comprehensive professional skills competition for the sports industry.

The professional skill competition has five competition units: sports skills training, IP event design, venue operation innovation, integrated development creativity, and safety production plan. It is divided into two stages: preliminaries (online) and finals (offline). At the preliminary stage, sports practitioners from all over the province participated actively and sent entries one after another. After a rigorous review, 15 contestants entered the finals.

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The finalists came from various institutions such as sports training companies, sports professional training bases, and college sports departments. At the final scene, they exhibited their strengths and competed fiercely. A jury composed of 18 guests commented and scored on the spot, and the gold, silver and bronze awards of the five competition units each have their own attributions. After the expiration of the selection results announcement period, awards will be awarded at the 2021 Hubei·Jingmen Sports Industry Conference on November 20.

The special skill competition competition project setting is quite pertinent. Sports skills training, IP event design, venue operation innovation and other projects are all essential key elements for the development of sports events. Improve the professional skills of sports industry practitioners through competitions, thereby improving the quality of the province’s sports events. The sports industry professional skills competition and the social sports club decathlon “dual arenas” complement each other and promote each other, forming a high-quality development of the sports industry. A win-win situation in the cultivation of sports talents.


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