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The dg Barcaro leaves the Ivrea The orange are still in the running

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The dg Barcaro leaves the Ivrea The orange are still in the running

The general manager leaves, the diversity of views on the future decisive Sunday in Pianezza first round of playoffs, to go up you have to overcome three


With a press release, released on Monday evening, Ivrea made it known that at the end of this sporting season the paths of the orange association and the General Manager of the first team, Alessandro Barcaro, will divide.

This decision, reads the press release, taken by mutual agreement, has matured as it has not been possible to find an understanding to continue together between the organizational requests of Barcaro and the views of the company. The president of the Ivrea association Dario Ravera Chion, again through the press release, said he was “very sorry about this decision because with Barcaro, who was one of the main architects of the merger between Ivrea and Bollengo Albiano, he made a tough work, which lasted three years, to restart Ivrea. Three years – continues Ravera – in which I was able to appreciate in Barcaro the professionalism, commitment, competence, passion and above all the great love for orange colors. It is a pity for the whole of society to have to interrupt this collaboration but in respect of the ideas of each one it is right and right to leave each other when they do not coincide ».

For his part, Barcaro at the moment does not want to issue official statements, leaving everything to a press release that he will send in the next few days, simply saying that “when you are in a clear minority about a whole series of views it is right and right to step aside . This happens in everyday life from work to politics and also in football ». Clear therefore the contrast between the two souls of the companies (Ivrea and Bollengo Albiano) that three years ago got married and that today no longer recognize themselves in the objectives set.

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Going to football, the home defeat, albeit undeserved, suffered by the orange against Lascaris on Sunday resulted in not only the change of field for the playoff first round dispute, but also the loss of that small but significant advantage of not having to win at all costs but to go through even in the event of a tie, even after extra time. Sunday, therefore, will be played in Pianezza, the match starts at 15.30, and Munari and his teammates will have to win to go on and face Alpignano in the next round, always away from home, which for its part missed the first round due to over seven points advantage in the standings over Valdruento. But how do the Promotion playoffs develop? There will be two promotions in Piedmont from the playoffs. The latter will be played in two phases: the first within their own group, the second in a single round that will see the winners face off in a single match on the field of the team with the best placement in the standings, or on a neutral field in case of a tie, according to the scheme: winner A-winner B and winner C-winner D. The two winners from these matches will gain access to the higher category. –

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