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The Dobbiaco title in Serie C is also registered in Belluno

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The team that beat the Valpellice Bulldogs in the final included Giulio Zandegiacomo Fabio Alverà, Denis Soravia and goalkeeper Luca Burzacca


Four winners from Belluno with Dobbiaco. There are also the Cortinesi Fabio Alverà, Luca Burzacca, Denis Soravia and the young Auronzano Giulio Zandegiacomo in the Icebears roster, triumphs of the C series. Final of the tournament resolved in two races, beating the Valpellice both on home ice and in Torre Pellice . In the semifinal they had interrupted the Pieve di Cadore race, while in the quarterfinals no problem against Real Torino.

«A splendid satisfaction, in this which was my first year in Dobbiaco», he comments Luca Burzacca, former Cortina goalkeeper, Alleghe and Feltreghiaccio. «Right from the start I was well received and the strength of the group allowed us to go all the way. I don’t think we were the favorites, just look at the Milan roster, but as a team we managed to make the championship our own. Now let’s see next year if we will go up to B or not, based on what the club will decide with us ».

Fabio Alverà, who grew up in the youth academies of Cortina and has long been the flag of the South Tyrolean team, is radiant. Among other things, he signed the 3-2 goal in Piedmont almost at the end.

“Winning wearing this shirt means a lot to me. Dobbiaco is a fantastic environment and the public supports you with great passion. I never got tired of going back and forth from Cortina and lifting the trophy I think is the best possible reward for the commitment of all of us ».

Denis Soravia boasts a rich curriculum, including the Italian Cup won with Cortina in 2012.

«I’ve been playing in Dobbiaco since 2014 and nothing, I really feel part of a family. This year we have been even more so due to the difficulties due to Covid. This is my first championship won and it is fantastic, even more so because I won it together with my three friends from Belluno ».

Finally, Giulio Zandegiacomo at 19 he can already boast a title on the bulletin board.

«We and Milan were indicated as favorites. We were good at not lowering the tension and believing in what we could achieve ». –

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