Home Sports The Dolomites in Montebelluna are looking for continuity of results. Doubt Tibolla, Posocco is there

The Dolomites in Montebelluna are looking for continuity of results. Doubt Tibolla, Posocco is there

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Concepts to be reiterated. Renato Lauria preaches “think positively” again, on the eve of the trip to Montebelluna. Tomorrow at 14.30 in Treviso his Dolomiti Bellunesi is looking for the second consecutive success, if possible. It has never happened to her to put together two successes in a row during the season and she would like to see what effect it has, especially thinking about the possible momentum in the standings. The Biancocelesti instead aim to overtake, having 11 points against 13 of the Dolomites.


Midfielder Alberto Tibolla may not be there, due to a blow he accused yesterday. “I hope to recover him”, explains the coach, “for sure, compared to last Sunday, Posocco is back”.

The match against Ambrosiana left a legacy of the feeling of a team that, if it wants, can dominate the games, but which is still discontinuous. «The real step forward is precisely to increase the positive minutes. At the moment we stop at 50, an hour, and then we leave room for less important phases of the match. Unfortunately we always tend to remember the latter. We all want to go back to Montebelluna with the three points ». Lauria often insists in the last period on not dwelling too much on what is not working. Better to enhance the positive characteristics. «I and a few others see the boys six days a week and I can guarantee that they train at maximum intensity. We just need the spark that can light up our championship ». Montebelluna is not an impossible opponent, but… «it is an offensive and proactive team. Like all ways to play, however, there are some weaknesses. We will have to be good at exploiting them ». Finally, Lauria spends two words on Giovanni Madiotto, the Treviso forward and with whom he shared the year at Union Ripa in 2015-2016. «It came from Excellence and was decisive. Not just for the goals, especially for professionalism ».

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Tickets are on sale on the Montebelluna website, which invites you to buy them in advance to avoid queues at the box office. You can choose your seat from the online map, the cost is 10 euros for all sectors. –

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