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The Dolomiti Bellunesi chooses Saturday. “By playing early, more fans will come”

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The president Paolo De Cian

There is already the yes of Arzignano for the match on 2 October at Zugni. De Cian: “The collection against Levico satisfied us”

Always on Saturday at home? The Dolomiti Bellunesi will be early again against Arzignano next week. The appointment is therefore Saturday 2 October at 3.30 pm at the Zugni Tauro stadium in Feltre, for what could be a real big match, albeit only on the third day.

In the meantime, playing home games on Saturdays could become a habit. The idea is in fact catching on among the leaders of the provincial formation born in the summer. The intention is to increase attendance at the stadium and take the field 24 hours earlier would allow, according to the company, to involve those players, coaches, managers and fans of the other teams, unable to be there on Sunday, given the concomitance of the various championships. regional and provincial.


Already last week in the advance against Levico Terme it was evident that in the stands of Zugni there were several “representatives” of the other football associations of the Belluno area. Which could not have been there if it had been played on Sunday.

Of course, at the same time Saturday afternoon prevents those who work from going to the stadium. But according to the managers of the Belluno Dolomites, the balance always tilts in favor of the advance. Hence the choice of asking to move the date of the home game every time, or almost.

“The attendance and the collection of the opening match satisfied us”, explains Paolo De Cian, president of the Dolomites. The reference is not only to the detached tickets, which must be added to the season tickets sold, but also (if not above all) to what is collected at the stadium bar. These days every entry is useful and any type of reasoning must be carried out.

«In Serie D it is not possible to ask for a fixed day of home matches, but it is necessary to agree from time to time with the opponent. If the other team says no, we stay on Sunday. However, we believe the Saturday solution allows for a greater number of people inside the stadium. For example, the match against Arzignano can become a match that few want to lose and we are happy that the Vicenza team has accepted ».


The pros and cons remain, as in any situation. For example, some youth leagues are played on Saturday afternoons and also several CSI matches. In short, the schedule is not entirely empty.

Sunday, however, can be said to be almost “full” from this point of view. On the other hand, the talk of the games on TV of the top flight is almost no longer valid, because with stew football you can play at any time and no longer only on Sundays at 3 pm. alone at home.

Small curiosity: in the province, there are two Third Category teams that have indicated Saturday as the day for home games. Let’s talk about Nogarè and Pedavena. In Third, in fact, it is possible to choose the day in which to play the internal matches, without having to ask the opposing team for the okay.


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