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The Dolomiti Cup launched. The twelve teams from Belluno in two groups of six

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The Dolomiti Cup launched.  The twelve teams from Belluno in two groups of six
Orazio Zanin, president of the Belluno FIGC


Climb to the 23rd Dolomites Cup. The pursuit of the trophy that gives the right to first place in the repechage ranking began with the draws of the two groups.

Yes, because the formula of the event has been changed, as the provincial delegate Orazio Zanin had announced. No longer triangular or quadrangular, but two groups of six teams. Therefore, the twelve participants in the Third Category Belluno championship are all registered. No particular geographical constraints were respected, so free draw.

In group A there are Auronzo, Dynamo Vellai, Domegge, Fortogna, Piave and San Vittore, while B sees the presence of Comelico, Cortina, Limana Cavarzano, Pedavena and Plavis.

While waiting for the official calendar, the dates had already been announced during the meeting held a few days ago by the Belluno FIGC with the clubs.

The five one-way days of each group are scheduled on Sundays 28 August, 4 and 11 September and 4 December, as well as Thursday 8 December, a day in any case a holiday. The top two finishers from both groups will compete in the single semifinal currently scheduled for Saturday 8 April. Final Wednesday 19th April. Time frames which, however, may be subject to displacement, in particular as regards the semifinals and final.

The Terza Bellunese championship will start on Sunday 18 September, ending the first leg on 27 November. Return scheduled from February 26 to May 14, then space for the playoffs. La Lamonese is the only provincial team that will play elsewhere.

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To see if it will be a championship managed by the delegation of Bassano or that of Vicenza, based on the number of companies registered.

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