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The end of the CBA regular season and new changes in the championship pattern_Sports_News Channel_Yunnan Net

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  Original title: The end of the CBA regular season and new changes in the championship pattern

  Jiangsu and Shenzhen have made significant progress, Shougang’s record has improved significantly, and Beijing Enterprises once again missed the playoffs

On the evening of the 5th, the CBA regular season ended. The specific rankings are as follows: Zhejiang, Guangdong, Liaoning, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Beijing Shougang, Guangsha, Shandong, Guangzhou, Shanxi, Jilin, Jiangsu. Among them, there are new changes in the championship pattern. Zhejiang has maintained the first stage from the first stage to the third stage. This has created the best regular season result in team history and ushered in the best chance for the championship.

Guangdong and Liaoning are still strong, but both experienced certain ups and downs in the regular season. The uncertainties of these two teams have also made the championship situation this season confusing. Both Jiangsu and Shenzhen have made different progress in the regular season. Jiangsu’s return to the playoffs after three years is a reward for their patience in building the team over the years. The outside world hopes that Jiangsu can play a dark horse role in the playoffs. Shenzhen’s entry into the top four may also be a result that people did not expect before the season. Although Shenzhen’s strength has not yet reached the championship group, they already have the ability to wrestle with top teams.

In addition, Tong Xi’s progress is obvious to all. Although they failed to enter the playoffs, the performance of this team this season is remarkable. More importantly, Tongxi is in the right direction of development. In comparison, Tianjin has declined at a faster rate. They have changed from a dark polo team last season to the bottom of this season, which shows that the team’s strength is still not enough. After losing the bonus of the number of times foreign aid is used and the selection of foreign aid is unsuccessful, they The rate of decline is noticeable. The two teams in Beijing, Shougang and Beijing Enterprises, are in different situations. Shougang encountered a coaching change during the season, but it quickly passed this stage. The record has improved significantly, and the team’s development is improving. Beijing Enterprises missed the playoffs again, and the team is expected to undergo tremendous changes.

  Zhejiang ranks first, Guangdong and Liaoning each have their ups and downs

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Somewhat similar to last season, the championship pattern has changed again this season. Last season, Guangsha returned to a strong state, entered the top four in the regular season, and returned to the finals in the playoffs. This season it is Zhejiang. Zhejiang already has a strong team of domestic players. These domestic players have played together and worked together for many years, and they have produced enough chemical reactions. And this season Zhejiang has been relatively successful in choosing foreign aid, especially the guard foreign aid Gary, whose strength far exceeds that of Green last season. When Zhejiang has such a high-level and well-matched guard foreign aid for the team, their record will naturally rise to a higher level. Zhejiang has occupied the first position since the first stage, and it is the same in the third stage, which reflects their stability and continuity. And judging from the records of the regular season against the top four teams, Zhejiang is not at a disadvantage at all, with 2 wins and 0 losses with Shenzhen, 2 wins and 1 loss with Guangdong, and 1 win and 1 loss with Liaoning. After winning the first place in the regular season, Zhejiang was divided into the upper half. They avoided the possibility of meeting Liao and Guangdong in advance. If they met, it would be the finals, which would help them go further in the season. In short, Zhejiang ushered in the best opportunity to compete for the championship.

Guangdong and Liaoning each have ups and downs and uncertainties. Guangdong has always hoped to maintain sufficient competitiveness during the season, while at the same time training young players as much as possible to promote their growth as soon as possible, but in the process, there will inevitably be large ups and downs in status and twists and turns in performance. For example, Guangdong has accidentally lost to Tongxi, Qingdao and other teams that are not as strong as their own this season. In addition, Guangdong’s uncertain factor is mainly the status of the third foreign aid Shabazz. Guangdong hopes that Shabazz can “replace” Wilms back then. Guangdong’s previous foreign aid combination during the championship period was Wilms and Ma Shang, but Shabazz has not played for some time. No one can guarantee how long it will take him to get back to his form. Liaoning is also not stable enough in the regular season this season. Due to the many injuries of the main players, this has caused the team’s strength to decline. For example, they have also lost to Jiangsu and Guangzhou in the regular season. But the important reason why the outside world is more optimistic about Liaoning is that compared with Zhejiang and Guangdong, Liaoning has fewer uncertain factors, including the return of their third foreign aid Morand, and their overall strength will improve again.

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  Jiangsu Shenzhen Tongxi has made significant progress

Jiangsu returned to the playoffs after three years. Such a result is the best reward for the management’s patience in building the team over the years. Jiangsu has been at the level of the middle and upper reaches of the league for many years. However, in recent years, due to factors such as the choice of foreign aid and the replacement of new and old teams, they have missed the playoffs for three consecutive years, and even sometimes ranked in the bottom of the regular season. But even so, the management did not make major changes to the team. For example, Jiangsu trusts the head coach Li Nan very much. Maybe in other teams, the results are not good. The first change the team makes is the coach adjustment, but this is not the case in Jiangsu. They have a very high degree of trust in Li Nan and have always believed in him. Can gradually get better under his coaching. At the same time, although Jiangsu has not made major changes in the past few years, it is also constantly introducing personnel to make the team stronger in strength. For example, they selected defender Cui Xiaolong through the draft, or they transferred Liu Zhixuan and so on. Of course, the success of foreign aid selection is also an important reason for Jiangsu’s return to the playoffs this season.

Although Tong Xi failed to enter the playoffs at the last moment, the progress they have shown this season is obvious to all. Tong Xi defeated Guangsha after three overtimes this season, and also defeated Guangdong in an upset. They showed a different fighting spirit and combat effectiveness than before. More importantly, Tong Xi’s young players, including Wang Lanqin and Lin Wei, have shown enough talent and potential. They are the backbone of this team for many years to come. In addition, Xirelijiang has been more successful in the dual role of head coach and player. He has allowed Tong Xi to gain a lot of attention and good recognition both on and off the field, which has changed people’s previous perception of Tong Xi to a large extent. impression, adding more recognition.

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Shenzhen was originally a traditional strong team, but this season’s regular season has stabilized in the top four positions, which is indeed somewhat unexpected. The first group is already very competitive. Shenzhen has squeezed out Shanghai, which was previously ranked in the top four, and has been in this position for a long time. This shows their good strength this season. However, although Shenzhen has made progress in the regular season, they still have a certain distance from the top teams. In the record of confrontation with the top three teams in the regular season, Shenzhen is at a disadvantage. They lost to Zhejiang and Liaoning twice, and defeated Guangdong twice.

  Shougang needs a big change for its better development

Last night, Shougang beat Jiangsu 123-92. Shougang was in the top eight in the first two stages of the regular season this season, but since then they have experienced a coaching change in the third stage. Changing coaches is like changing knives. Shougang has quickly passed this turbulent period of coaching changes, and they are developing in a positive direction. After the coaching change, Shougang only lost one game against Guangsha, while winning Shanxi, Guangzhou, Shandong, and Xinjiang. Shougang’s current playing style and style have changed drastically, but the game effect and results are acceptable. Although no one can guarantee how far Shougang can go in the upcoming playoffs, at least the team’s morale and self-confidence have improved compared to before, which will also help them play well in the following season. playoffs.

Beijing Enterprises missed the playoffs for three consecutive seasons. The previous two seasons were only one step away from the playoffs, but this season they have completely lost hope with three rounds left in the regular season. Beijing Enterprises continues to suffer in the selection of foreign aid, and the increase in injuries of domestic players is also an important factor. After Beijing Enterprises missed the playoffs for three consecutive seasons, the team is bound to undergo major changes, including changes in the coaching staff and major foreign players. (Reporter Song Xiang)

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