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The eternal charm of the tricolor scudetto In Europe, no tournament is so fought

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Napoli, Milan and Inter are concentrated in just 2 points. And the fourth, Atalanta, is only -5 from the top Uncertainty pleases the public: the Serie A Youtube channel is the most watched in the world of all the Leagues


Serie A is the queen of balance between the great European leagues. There is a value of every sporting tournament that is independent of the global fame of the protagonists: uncertainty. A very usable commodity also economically because it generates interest among spectators. By applying this filter, the Italian league is ahead of everyone this season.

Reviled for many reasons, starting from the inhospitable stadiums, Serie A can proudly exhibit its Scudetto fight with Napoli, Milan and Inter in two points. With Atalanta fourth uncomfortable just five points behind the leaders Napoli. Only the Premier League can boast a similar crowding at the top with Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool in two places. But West Ham, in fourth position, are further away than Atalanta.

The other main European tournaments, on the other hand, have much more defined rankings. In France PSG has already sowed the competition with an advantage capable of making the fans of their pursuers doze off: +12 over Olympique Marseille. In Germany the usual tandem dominates: Bayern Munich with one point more than Borussia Dortmund. Much further down Bayer Leverkusen. In Spain Real Madrid made a void on Atletico and Real Sociedad.

Balance has always been a Serie A pride in the 80s and 90s, when we were the most exciting league in the world with the best players. Now the big stars are elsewhere, but the championship has recovered its uncertainty. The international popularity can be measured by the numbers of the You Tube channel of Serie A, the most watched of a football league in the world, with 80% of contacts from abroad. This championship battle can be a lever to catch up with the competition.

The clubs, however, fear losing a fundamental weapon to attract champions: the tax discount of the Growth Decree, used, for example, for Ibrahimovic and De Ligt. The Democratic Party presented an amendment to abolish it because it harms young Italians. Rejected by the Senate Budget Committee, he will return to the discussion on the Budget Law. “A short-sighted and counterproductive initiative,” attacks Beppe Marotta. It could only be kept for samples above a certain salary threshold.

Certainly Napoli and Milan have to give up their defensive bulwarks for some time. Luciano Spalletti will not have Kalidou Koulibaly for at least a month due to a muscle strain in his left leg. The stop of the Rossoneri Simon Kjaer who will be operated under arthroscopy to reduce an injury to the ligaments of the left knee is even longer. Given the sensitivity of the injury, it is difficult to predict whether the Dane will return this season. The teammates will also play for their defensive leaders in the continuation of the championship race, which refers to the best of Serie A history. –

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