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The experts: “Pordenone, everything will be decided in the next month and a half”

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PORDENONE. The Serie B championship is about to restart after a long break. For Pordenone everything is still at stake: they have twenty games to get back on track and aim for at least the play-outs.

Not to mention that the current transfer market can give another face to the team, the author of a disastrous year up to now. We asked three reporters who deal with the cadet tournament for an opinion on the recovery and the chance of the lizards in a key to salvation.

The common opinion is that keeping B is difficult, but possible. And that a lot depends on the results that Tedino’s boys will get in the first matches.


The Gazzetta dello Sport

1)«The unknowns are many, not only because the clubs are not used to a one-month stop. They have dealt with numerous positives at Covid, with consequently fragmented workouts. In addition there is the market, which has already given some effects. I am not saying that we are starting from scratch, but we will turn the page in a consistent way ».

2)«Pordenone is detached from the rivals who currently play the play-outs. However, this long pause may have been good for a team like the green and black one that is in that ranking position. It was possible to reflect and make choices. The company-salvation is possible, but it will be necessary to start well: in this way points and enthusiasm are combined ».

3)«The philosophy followed by the club is the right one: it focuses on young and hungry players. Pordenone is back to making Pordenone, it has embraced a policy more in keeping with its history and tradition ».

4)“If I had to name just one name, I would say Simone Mazzocchi, Ternana striker: he is 23 years old, he is out and can have goals in the barrel to save the lizards”.

5)“I would focus on the collective: all together, that is players, technical staff and management united towards a single goal”.



1) “It’s a new first day. The values ​​that the tournament had expressed up to December can be questioned. We need to see how the events that occurred during the break were absorbed by the teams ».

2)«Nothing is lost yet, the mission is tough but it is feasible. Of course, it will be necessary to start strong, scoring some points in the first few outings. So we will have to keep a high pace in February, the month that will see six matches scheduled: this is the crucial period ».

3)«The neroverdi intend to change a lot and this means that some mistakes were made last summer. There is no precise formula on how to operate in these situations: I believe that the right mix must be created between new arrivals, the existing group and the coach. It is then part of the game to move to prepare for a possible restart from the lower category ».

4)«I also say Mazzocchi della Ternana: I saw him several times with Reggiana last season. It can be useful to the Pordenone of this moment ».

5)“I would say Cambiaghi: he’s an interesting offensive winger, fast, able to make an impact again during the championship.”


Sky Sport

1)«The restart is a question mark for everyone. Many teams are still struggling with Covid: an aspect that can have an impact during the first races. We left a lively, interesting championship last December, now we need to see the effect of this month in the pits combined with the unknowns that emerged during the break ».

2)«Pordenone can still do it but the next 40 days will be decisive. If during this period he manages to shorten on rivals, he has the possibility of remaining in the category; otherwise the mission would become very hard ».

3)«Focusing on young people as the neroverdi are doing can make sense and can give the group freshness and enthusiasm. However, I think that to try to save himself, you need to include a couple of experienced and motivated players in the team ».

4)«I would not give a name, I would express a concept: in the January market there is a need for an element that is certainly motivated but also physically ready. Better to take a look at C and thus offer a player the showcase of B ».

5)«I like Butic: I saw potential in him when I saw him play. He still lacks something to make the leap in quality. In front of him he has five months in which he can take the opportunity ».

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