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The FCI and those 106,000 euros under the magnifying glass

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The FCI and those 106,000 euros under the magnifying glass

The Council would have given a mandate to President Dagnoni to pay this sum to an Irish company as a commission on sponsors procured. The Federation replies: “We evaluate criminal and civil actions”

The FCI and those 106,000 euros that ended up under the magnifying glass. On Thursday an article appeared on the website www.ciclismoweb.net according to which “on 6 August in San Paolo d’Argon the FCI Directors would have found themselves approving the minutes of the previous session (18 June) which, magically, would have been added a point that was not even part of the agenda. On this, the lawyer Norma Gimondi, vice president of FCI and member of the CONI council, seems to have firmly claimed to note his total opposition in the minutes. The decision, which would have been taken in the Council on 18 June last, would have delegated the President Cordiano Dagnoni to sign an agreement and pay 106,000 euros, by way of commissions, to a company based in Ireland that would have had the task of procuring sponsorships for the FCI “. The company would be Reiwa Management Limited, based in Dublin.

In the evening, a note from the Federciclo arrived: “Regarding the recent publications that appeared in the last few hours in the press, online newspapers and social networks in all forms and for various reasons, the Italian Cycling Federation has mandated its lawyers to evaluate immediately every possible action, in criminal and civil matters, to protect the work, image and integrity of the Federation itself, its managers and all the people who, despite themselves, have been involved in a defamatory press campaign ” .

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