Home Sports The final night of the five major leagues is so fantastic: Guardiola’s magic and Ibrahimovic’s cigar – Xinhua English.news.cn

The final night of the five major leagues is so fantastic: Guardiola’s magic and Ibrahimovic’s cigar – Xinhua English.news.cn

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The final night of the five major leagues is so fantastic: Guardiola’s magic and Ibrahimovic’s cigar – Xinhua English.news.cn


Ibrahimovic, smoking a cigar on stage to accept the award

The sleeping Europa continent, the story of the greenery is coming to an end. On the night of May 22, local time, Manchester City finally won the championship marathon with Liverpool. The greatest opponent has achieved the greatest Premier League championship, and the loser will still attack the Champions League.

If Manchester City, which has won 4 titles in 5 years, benefited from its strong purchasing power and Guardiola’s magical power, AC Milan, who has been waiting for 11 years to finally win Serie A again, has completed a perfect Nirvana after washing away the lead, and under the floating dust, The faded past finally came alive. The 40-year-old Ibrahimovic took to the podium with a cigar. On that face, which was covered with traces of the years, the Rossoneri seemed to be revived with new vitality.

Asian Sun Xingmin shared the Premier League Golden Boot with Egyptian Salah. This is the first time an Asian has become the top scorer in the top five leagues. Wu Lei ushered in his 23rd appearance in the final battle of the season…

In the top halls of world football, different people have left different footprints, and their futures will eventually lead to different endings.

The 1-point advantage remained until the end, and Manchester City pulled three goals in a row to win the championship

This is a distant championship battle, and it is also a summer of reversal. Liverpool, who was 1 point behind Manchester City, were scored 1 goal by Wolves in just two minutes, but they equalized in only 21 minutes. If the plot develops to the end, the “Red Army” will tie Manchester City in points, but it is huge. The goal difference advantage still guarantees Manchester City the title.

It is such a huge psychological advantage that makes the slack Manchester City give the opponent too many opportunities. In the 68th minute, Manchester City conceded another goal, and Coutinho’s low shot made the score 0:2. The time to decide the championship is only 5 minutes. Zinchenko, Sterling, and Gundogan who came off the bench became the “new forces” who rewrote the plot. From the 75th minute to the 80th minute, Manchester City scored three goals in a row, and Gundogan scored three goals in a row. Completed the good show of scoring twice, Sterling and Zinchenko each contributed an assist. In the 80th minute, De Bruyne made a cross in the penalty area, and Gundogan, who rushed to kill the opponent’s hope of winning, also killed the final suspense of the Premier League champion.

On another venue, Liverpool repeated the same story. In the last 10 minutes of the game, Salah and Robertson scored consecutive goals. Liverpool finally defeated Wolves 3:1, but for them, 3 points were not enough to ensure the championship. . Klopp and his team can still say goodbye with their heads held high, they are close to reaching their limit after only two defeats all season, and they still have the final match of the Champions League final.

This is the fifth year, 10 months and 22 days since Guardiola took charge of Manchester. In the past five years, they have only finished runner-up in the 2019-2020 season, and have won the championship trophy the other four times. “Four Premier League titles in five years is probably the best achievement of my career…I’ve never seen a team as good as Liverpool, I know it’s tough, but they’ve helped us become a better team every season. A good team.” After the pressure was released, Guardiola said a lot. In the crowd and clamor, the regret of stopping in the semi-finals of the Champions League has long been forgotten. Instead, it has become the driving force for the Premier League champion to move forward.

After 11 years of waiting, the dream of Serie A has finally come true AC Milan

The taste of champions may be the same. In the face of great glory, excitement and joy are the common reactions of human nerves. The taste of the champion may be different, and people who are in it can better taste the five flavors in the journey of time.

Eleven years ago, the 25-year-old Giroud just made his debut in the Ligue 1. The 15-year-old Casey was still looking forward to his future football life in Côte d’Ivoire. The 11-year-old Leo was still a player in the Portuguese sports team. At that time, AC Milan won the championship. The most recent Serie A title. 11 years later, the once childish teenagers became the heroes of the Rossoneri to win the championship. The game against Sassuolo lost the suspense in the first half. Casey hit a fatal blow, Giroud scored twice, Leo Three assists, the score of 3:0 was maintained to the end. In another field, their city rivals Inter Milan also beat Sampdoria by the same score. The two dialogues between the two teams in one season became the decisive factor in determining the title of the championship. AC Milan, with one win and one draw, finally won the championship.

A stable offensive and defensive system is the basis for AC Milan to always strive forward in a season. Although 61 goals are the lowest among the top 3 in Serie A, the least 31 goals conceded in the league ensure that they face strong enemies or Underdogs can achieve ideal results.

The 56-year-old Italian coach Pioli won the league’s best coach for the first time with his successful coaching in the past season. In the post-match carnival, his medal was stolen, but this did not affect his emotional catharsis, “We wrote A one-of-a-kind story about love. Happiness is love and nothing else. I’ve fallen in love with AC Milan and my lads.” His bald head lit up the future in a team with a slightly bleak squad.

The singing of the years has changed, and some people are humming the old tune and sticking to it. Paolo Maldini won his first league title as manager. What is even more commendable is that three generations of Maldini have won the Serie A championship for the team and staged a heritage spanning nearly 70 years.

On the pitch, Ibrahimovic is the only defender. “I have more experience and give more for others. When I came here two and a half years ago, I left my family in Sweden to help Milan, to give the support of the fans who supported us in good times and bad. Come and have fun. I didn’t bring any ego with me on this adventure, which is unbelievably satisfying. It’s such a wonderful thing when you get rewarded for what you do.” Bu recalled the experience over the past two years.

From 2011 to 2022, Ibrahimovic has become a running legend, and the No. 11 jersey on the back seems to have paved the way for today’s story. “Usually at 40, you settle in at home, light a cigar, and look back on your career with satisfaction, but I’m not ready for that cigar.” He once gave this about his future statement. Now that he lights a cigar, will this be a footnote to the farewell ceremony? Ibrahimovic didn’t say.

The greenery of Europa is so fantastic, Madrid, Munich, Paris, Milan and Manchester once again shine because of football. Sing, drink, or weep, this is the magic of football and the right of all football lovers.

(Jinan Times New Yellow River Client reporter Hou Chao)

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