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The first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Olympics was successfully held, and commemorative activities were carried out in many places to continue the dream of ice and snow and go to the future together

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Time flies, and a memory of ice and snow that carries dreams and hopes reappears in front of us with the warmth of spring and the blossoming of flowers.

On February 4, 2022, the twenty-fourth Winter Olympic Games kicked off in Beijing. In just 16 days, China fulfilled its promise and presented a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic event to the world, and once again wrote a new legend of the Olympic movement.

Over the past year, the “truly unparalleled” Winter Olympics has continued to ignite people’s enthusiasm for ice and snow, and the achievements of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports” have been continuously consolidated and expanded. The beginning of spring this year coincides with the first anniversary of the opening of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and various celebrations are held in various places, allowing the wonderful ice and snow stories to continue across the country.

  Experience the Winter Olympics venues

“Skating on the ice of the ‘Ice Ribbon’, I feel very proud!” On the afternoon of February 4, 11-year-old Zhang Qianyu won a commemorative gold medal for himself. In the first “Ice Ribbon” citizen speed skating series held that day, Zhang Qianyu won the women’s 500m youth group B championship. At 55.51 seconds, this little player achieved a personal best on the “fastest ice”.

As the Beijing Winter Olympics speed skating competition venue, during the Winter Olympics, the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium witnessed the birth of 13 new records in the Winter Olympics. Gao Tingyu of the Chinese team won the first time in the history of Chinese men’s speed skating events in the Winter Olympics. gold medals.

On February 4th, the “Ice Ribbon” evokes people’s fond memories of the Beijing Winter Olympics with a lively citizen speed skating competition. Although it is a mass event, the “Ice Ribbon” still allows 71 contestants to have a World Series-like experience. In the first competition, the organizer specially set up a professional electric timing system for speed skating and a live broadcast of 4 cameras. The 26 referees on the scene have participated in the refereeing work of the Beijing Winter Olympics and test competitions. In addition, the venue has prepared the same Olympic “citizen record wall” for the contestants, so that the winners can enjoy the “equal” treatment of speed skating gold medalists and record-breaking athletes in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

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It is understood that the “Ice Ribbon” has received nearly 210,000 tourists since its opening. Cheng Shujie, deputy general manager of Beijing National Speed ​​Skating Stadium Operation Co., Ltd., said: “The public’s enthusiasm for participating in ice sports continues to rise. We will continue to innovate and strive to promote the development of ice and snow sports.”

In addition to the “Ice Ribbon” of the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium, the Shougang Ski Jumping Platform, the National Alpine Ski Center, Yunding Ski Park… all Winter Olympic venues are open to the public after the games, becoming good places for the public to exercise and relax. On February 4, the opening ceremony of the 4th Hebei Ice and Snow Games was held at the National Ski Jumping Center “Xue Ruyi”. More than 5,000 athletes showed their personal style through exciting events. Wang Biao, director of the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau, said that he hopes to further expand the population of ice and snow sports, drive the comprehensive development and utilization of Winter Olympic venues and city and county ice and snow venues, and boost post-Olympic economic development.

  regain good memories

“Hello, welcome to ‘Homecoming’.” On February 4, the National Stadium was crowded with people, full of laughter. During the “Brilliant · Chasing Dreams – Chinese Sports Culture Exhibition on the Road to the Double Olympics” event held that day, thousands of Beijing Winter Olympics staff and volunteers were invited to gather at the “Bird’s Nest” wearing their credentials for the Beijing Winter Olympics .

Strolling in the cultural exhibition site, more than 400 exhibits tell the historical context of sports culture and show a profound cultural heritage. In front of the Chuiwan experience area, many Winter Olympics volunteers and staff introduced the rules to the children and felt the wisdom of the ancients; in front of the torch wall, trophy wall, and medal wall, volunteers stopped to check in and share their Winter Olympics stories. Entering the Winter Olympics theme exhibition area, the autographs of 13 Beijing Winter Olympics champions brought people’s memories back to the Winter Olympics.

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Standing in front of the trophy wall of “How many times can I fight in life”, a Winter Olympics volunteer said with emotion: “I have participated in the Winter Olympics with athletes, and I have realized the meaning and power contained in this sentence.”

The “Snow Ruyi” lights flashed and radiated with brilliance. The mass celebration commemorating the first anniversary of the successful holding of the Winter Olympics was held at the National Ski Jumping Center. During the event, popular literary and artistic works such as “Inspiring the Winter Olympics” and “Ice and Snow Dream” allowed people to relive the style of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

When the song “Together to the Future” sounded, Mr. Yang, a citizen of Zhangjiakou, was very excited. He said: “As a native of Chongli, I am very grateful for the opportunity of the Winter Olympics. From infrastructure to ice and snow industry to people’s lives, my hometown Everything has changed dramatically.”

  write a new chapter

“Snowflakes, snowflakes, bloom in the sun…” On the evening of the 4th, the theme song “Snowflakes” sounded in Beijing Shougang Ice Hockey Hall. The launching ceremony of the “Series of Activities to Commemorate the First Anniversary of the Successful Beijing Winter Olympics” was held here. The gorgeous opening visual show, familiar Winter Olympics songs, and wonderful visual short films created a strong and enthusiastic Winter Olympics atmosphere for the scene.

At the launching ceremony, the new logo of the Beijing Olympic Museum was officially released. “Brilliant Winter Olympics” themed exhibition and mass ice and snow sports carnival, mass sports activities, Olympic culture bazaar, Beijing 2022 spirit tour show Frontier Youth Winter Olympics Dream Camp, and activities to commemorate the first anniversary of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games will also be held. Starting from this, we will carry forward the Olympic spirit and the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and share the good memories of the Beijing Winter Olympics with more people.

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International Olympic Committee President Bach said in a video speech: “Looking back on the past, China should be extremely proud; looking to the future, China should be full of confidence. The legacy of the Beijing Winter Olympics has begun to benefit the public, and all Olympic venues have been opened to the public. , the Beijing Winter Olympics has set new standards in many fields, such as innovating green technology, popularizing healthy and active lifestyles, and developing the ice and snow sports industry. Chinese Olympic workers have vividly interpreted the new Olympic motto-‘faster, higher, stronger-more Unity’.”

A “truly unparalleled” Winter Olympic Games will write a new chapter in the Olympic movement, and the story of the Beijing Winter Olympics is being known to more people in a variety of ways. According to the “Olympic Charter”, the International Olympic Committee requires the host city of each Olympic and Winter Olympic Games to produce an Olympic documentary film – the official film of the Olympic Games. It is understood that the official film of the Beijing Winter Olympics is under intense production and plans to meet the audience in the near future.

“We shot more than 700 hours of material, and we were moved and encouraged by many subjects, and the team continued to motivate themselves with the Olympic spirit.” Director Lu Chuan said, “I hope that the stories we extracted and recorded in the official film Every face can make the audience feel the style of the times represented by the Beijing Winter Olympics.”

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