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The first battle against the seaport or the surprise soldiers to deal with Shandong’s fierce defense needs to control emotions_Game_Paulinho_Oscar

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Original title: The first battle against the seaport or a surprise soldier to deal with Shandong’s fierce defense needs to control emotions

Tomorrow night at 6 o’clock in the third round of the second-stage championship group of the Chinese Super League, Shandong Taishan, ranked first in the standings, will have a direct dialogue with the second-placed Shanghai Seaport.

This is a crucial battle to determine the ownership of the Chinese Super League championship this season. If Shandong Taishan wins, it will basically lock the trophy, and if it is tied, it will still have enough advantage; the Haigang team wants to regain the initiative in the championship, only wins one. Kind of choice.

Shandong Taishan, who has scored 37 goals in 16 rounds in the two stages, is second only to Guangzhou, which has 40 goals in attack. The Harbour team, which ranks third in total goals (34 goals), has the best defense in the Super League. They only scored 8 goals by their opponents. Not only were they the team with the fewest conceded goals in the first 16 rounds, but also the only team to lose. The ball count is still in the single digits team.

For the Harbour team, which must win the game, it is obviously not enough to rely on solid defense in this first battle. It still has to make some achievements on offense. But unfortunately, Paulinho, an important player on the team’s attack line, has accumulated four yellow cards and suspended.

Oscar is the core organization of the Seaport team, and Paulinho, who has excellent ball handling and is good at breaking through, is the most qualified “wingman” around Oscar. Not only can it distract the opponent’s defensive attention from Oscar; it is also a stable response point when Oscar delivers the ball forward; especially when the opponent’s defense is tight, Paulinho can use his technical advantages to attack the opponent’s defense and then serve his teammates. Create opportunities.

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In the absence of a strong center for the Seaports, Paulinho is the sharpest knife for the Seaports to forcibly tear open the opponent’s defense. This “hot spot” is also a necessary part of the team’s main offensive tactics.

In the first goal of the championship game against the Shenzhen team, Paulinho received Oscar’s heel pass, swayed two defensive players in the penalty area and then passed, helping Li Shenyuan to easily hit the empty goal. In the last round of the match against Guangzhou City, the Haigang team’s winning goal came from Paulinho and Oscar’s tactical corner kick after a forcible break through the bottom pass.

Unfortunately, in the upcoming key battle with Shandong Taishan, the Haigang team lacks Paulinho, which is now indispensable, and it is more difficult for the team to win.

Wang Shenchao will be the “Pan Oil” again?

Important players are suspended, and the opponent is the strongest team in the Super League. What kind of countermeasures will Seaport coach Lecco have? With the current staffing of the team, it seems that it can only be surprisingly won through some special arrangements.

To make up for the offensive “vacuum” caused by Paulinho’s absence, perhaps it is a good choice to put Lu Wenjun, who was originally a center forward, back to his original position.

The young player Liu Zhurun ​​started in the first two games, and he has performed very well for the only 20-year-old. However, the disadvantage of physical confrontation is still obvious. Now facing a team with fierce defense like Shandong Taishan, there will be less room to play. On the contrary, the veteran Lu Wenjun has a strong impact and has the ability to protect the ball with his back. He has scored 7 goals in the league and 3 goals in the FA Cup. He is the team’s top scorer this season.

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Liu Zhurun ​​can play as a surprise soldier when his opponent’s physical fitness drops in the second half. When that happens, his speed and agility can be better displayed.

As for Lu Wenjun’s outstanding left wingback position this year, it is entirely possible for Wang Shenchao, the midfielder to play. In the 2017 season, Wang Shenchao was the Haigang’s starting left back; after Pereira changed to a three-back formation in the 2019 season, Wang Shenchao also played a long time as the left wingback; and in the national football team, Wang Shenchao is also the main force at the left back position. .

In the first two rounds of the championship group, Wang Shenchao played a “guest” midfielder. Now this position can be safely handed over to Yang Shiyuan, who has recovered from his injury, and the defensive strength may even be further improved.

Control emotions under fierce defense

Another important factor in this first battle is that the Haigang team must control their emotions and be psychologically prepared for Shandong Taishan’s fierce defense.

Especially Oscar, who is easily irritated by his opponent’s continuous malicious foul action. In the match against Guangzhou City, he was repeatedly fouled and swung his elbow during a position fight. Fortunately, he only got a yellow card.

11 years later, Shandong Taishan, who is expected to win the Chinese Super League championship again, is currently fighting high spirits. The players in the last round of the match against Beijing Guoan showed an extremely strong desire to win, not only fighting for every goal, but also very fierce moves.

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For example, when Guo Tianyu was unable to compete for the ball, pushing Wang Gang caused him to break his arm after colliding with his goalkeeper; Xu Xin raised his leg high during the midfield interception and stepped on Gao Tianyi with his studs; central defender Judson gave the team stoppage time Before the lore, in the defense, the studs were also bright from the calf of Gao Tianyi to the ankle. And these moves didn’t even get a yellow card in that game.

Therefore, if the referee’s penalties are relatively loose, it will be quite disadvantageous for the Harbour team, which is mainly involved in passing and cooperating. The core of the team, Oscar, is bound to become the focus of the opponent’s attention. As the team’s most important player and the leader of the first team, Oscar must manage his emotions in the game, and what he has to do is use better performance on the court to fight back against his opponent.

The referee team of the Haigang team and Shandong Taishan match was announced yesterday. The chief referee is Zhang Lei and the video referee Zhang Xiaochen.

The last time Zhang Lei enforced the Haigang team was the Shanghai Derby in the second round of this year’s FA Cup semi-final. In that game, the Haigang team and Shenhua drew 1:1. During the game, Zhang Lei sent off the Haigang team’s center defender Wei Zhen by watching a video replay. The reason was that as the last defensive player, he used a foul to destroy the opponent’s offensive opportunity.Return to Sohu to see more


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