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The First Community Games of Xi’an City, Qujiang New District Division Competition Opens

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The First Community Games of Xi’an City, Qujiang New District Division Competition Opens

The First Community Games of Xi’an City, Qujiang New District Division Competition Opens

2022-06-17 19:28:56Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News The midsummer is like fire, and fitness is more “hot”. On the morning of June 17, the first community sports meeting in Xi’an, Qujiang New District, was held in Qujiang Cultural Sports Park. The opening ceremony started with a wonderful song and dance performance. Nearly 300 representatives from 22 community teams and referees in Qujiang New District participated in the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony, all the staff played and sang the national anthem, and representatives of athletes and referees took the pre-match oath.

The theme of this year’s community sports meeting is “I participate, I am healthy”. In order to maximize the participation of community members of all ages, the Qujiang New District Divisional Tournament has a total of 25 events in five categories: ball, quality, chess, dance, and fun. The competition period is from June to November. In this month, all the scenic parks and sports venues in Qujiang New District will become the competition venues for the regional competitions. The competition, which lasted for nearly half a year, will not only further enhance the sports enthusiasm of 22 communities, 150 communities and 320,000 residents in Qujiang New District, but also greatly promote the relationship between residents and neighbors, become a bridge to promote community exchanges and build a national fitness in Qujiang New District. Demonstration area, an important carrier of quality life model area.

Thanks to Qujiang New District’s vigorous promotion of the construction of a 15-minute fitness circle in the community, many community residents have become attached to sports. Gao Zhengxing is a member of the “Zhonghai Daddy Football Team” in Qujiang Zhonghai Community. He said: “The team members are basically neighbors who are connected with football. Because they often play football in the surrounding football fields, they become friends over time. Later In order to play the game, the team was officially formed.”

It is precisely because of the continuous increase in the number of football fields in Qujiang in the past two years that games can be arranged at the door of the house, and Gao Zhengxing has also met more neighbors who like to play football. Everyone met because of football, and they often got together after playing football, and the relationship between neighbors became more intimate.

In recent years, there have been more and more national fitness venues in Qujiang New District, the facilities are getting better and better, the fitness of the masses has become more and more convenient, and the participation of the whole people in fitness has been continuously improved.

Qujiang Cultural Sports Park, Qujiang Youth Park, Qujiang Youth Sports Center and other sports venues have greatly enriched the choice of leisure and fitness for the masses. In addition, Daming Palace National Heritage Park, Qujiang Pond Ruins Park, Duyi Ruins Park, Xi’an City Wall Huancheng Park and other scenic spots have professional trails and sports equipment areas. People can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but also play chess, run fitness.

Zhang Jing, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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