Home Sports The five Canavese sisters warm up their engines From the 16th we go to the field

The five Canavese sisters warm up their engines From the 16th we go to the field

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The five Canavese sisters warm up their engines From the 16th we go to the field

The Quincitava begins, the next day Vallorco and Rivarolese The 18th meeting of Ivrea, then it will be up to Colleretto


The 2022/2023 promotional season will begin on Sunday 4 September, with the first day of the first phase of the Italian Cup, while a week later it will already be championship. The five Canavese sisters, Colleretto, Ivrea, Quincitava, Rivarolese and Vallorco will start putting petrol in the engine after August 15th.

The first to return to work will be the players of the Quincitava, with the coach Marco Vernetti who will begin to understand the technical / tactical dictates on Tuesday 16 August, at 6.45 pm at the Verney in Tavagnasco. The Nerostellati have already planned the preparatory matches: Sunday 21 August friendly with Strambinese 1924 in Samone at 5pm, then Thursday 25th in Tavagnasco Banchette Ivrea will arrive, Sunday 28th Capussella and his companions will be on stage at the triangular of Stefano Acotto di Vische with the bosses of the house of the Vischese. Finally, Vallorco on Thursday 1 September at 8 pm, at Giovanni Cipriano di Quincinetto at the Aygreville Valle d’Aosta.

Returning to the resumption dates of the preparation, Wednesday 17 August will then be the turn of both Vallorco that of Rivarolese: the Cuorgnatesi a few days will find out where the preparation will begin, while they already have the friendly program: Sunday 28 with Vischese and Quincitava, then Tuesday 30 at 20.30 with San Maurizio, Coppa Italia with Rivarolese Sunday 4 September, while on Wednesday 7 September last test with the Agliè Valle Sacra.

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The Rivarolese instead it will carry out three pre-season tests: Wednesday 24 at home with Corio, Sunday 28, again at home with Strambinese 1924 and Wednesday 31 with Alicese Orizzonti, still to be determined time and place.

Thursday 18 August instead, at 18.30, it will then be the turn of theIvrea of the new coach Tosoni gather and the five market hits will be present: the goalkeeper Giorgio Cantele, former of Borgovercelli and CBS in Excellence, the defenders Davide Costa, former Borgaro in Serie D and Xhelal Xhumaqi, promising central defender last season in Excellence with the then Pianese, club from which the midfielder Alessandro Comentale was also taken and finally the striker Danny Monteleone, formerly of Albese, Acqui Terme, Rivoli and Cuneo in D and C2 in the then Canavese. Five signings that will join very promising young players who will be added to the first team by the Juniores, as explained by the sporting director Mimmo Foti: “These five additions will join players reconfirmed from last season, such as the defenders Scala, Sardaro, Cabras, Pellone, Brocco, the midfielders Dotelli, Manuel Bonaccorsi and the forwards Enrico, Tallarida and El Kas, as well as players from the Juniores such as the various Alice, Zamuner, Pipicella, Tapparo, De Masi, Actis Perino and Matteo Bonaccorsi. Some have already been part of the first team last season and we are confident in their continuous sporting and human growth, as they rightly deserve for the commitment they put into every training session. The seasonal goal is to hit the playoffs again and to do so we will have to work with great intensity and determination from the first day of the meeting – says Foti – while as regards the friendlies, we will play Wednesday 24 against Vischese in Vische, Sunday 28. at 5 pm the Memorial Francesco Foti with Agliè Valle Sacra and Trino (45 ‘matches, in which the prize will also be awarded to the best player) and on Wednesday 31 August with Cafasse Balangero ».

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Last to resume preparation, the newly promoted Colleretto. The pedanei will start on Monday 22 August at Carlo Koetting in Colleretto Giacosa. In a friendly match, the Gialloblu will face Montanaro on Saturday 27 at 16, then on Wednesday 31 at Crestella di Donnas at 20.30 the Agliè Valle Sacra, on Sunday 4 September the first match of the Italian Cup with Ivrea and last friendly match on Thursday 8 September at home in Colleretto Giacosa against Vischese. –

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