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The floating attacker Leana Grozer

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The floating attacker Leana Grozer

“She floats,” is the first thing Felix Koslowski says when he has to describe Leana Grozer’s playing style. Her ease when playing at the net never ceases to amaze him. When the Schwerin Bundesliga coach talks about the 16-year-old outside attacker, he goes into raptures.

About the great talent who has a great name, but does not see it as a burden, but rather as an incentive. About their hard work, their maturity, their ability. “She gives herself 100 percent, she tears herself apart for her sport.” Leana Grozer, daughter of “volleyball legend” Georg Grozer, will “definitely be the next top player,” the former national coach is determined.

Leana Grozer, born on April 23, 2007, “grew up in the volleyball hall,” as she says herself. Her grandfather, Georg Grozer senior, played in the German national team and passed on the honorary title “Hammerschorsch” to his son Georg Junior, who at 39 is still the head and heart of the national team. For Leana, genetics took full effect – and she never saw her sporting socialization as a limitation, but rather as an opportunity to continue a family tradition.

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The teenager was actually supposed to play for Schweriner SC II in the second league north and gain experience. Instead, she is already reaching for the German championship with the Bundesliga team SSC Palmberg Schwerin. The northeast Germans go into the fourth game of the final series this Wednesday (8:20 p.m. live on Sport1) at defending champion Allianz MTV Stuttgart with a 2-1 lead – with another win, Schwerin would win the title for the first time since 2018. Leana Grozer will be there in a key role.

She missed the first games of the play-off final series because she was required to play with the U18 national team at the same time. Qualifying for the European Championship was the goal – and it succeeded. Grozer has also already gotten a taste of the senior national team – and if everything goes well, she could still take part in the Olympics with the German women.

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“A Grozer always wants to play”

In Paris, the daughter would then play for Olympic honors alongside her father – which would add another brilliant chapter to the Grozers’ successful family history. “She carries our name with dignity and pride and at the same time tries to make her own name,” says Georg in an interview with the FAZ and is sometimes amazed at his daughter’s bite: “It’s unbelievable how much love she has for our sport.” .

Father and role model: Georg Grozerdpa

And although he tries not to be a father who interferes with his daughter’s career, he also wants to support her ambitions and dreams as much as he can. He doesn’t have any concerns that the demands in the Bundesliga might still be too great: “It’s a great opportunity for them,” says Grozer – and recalls that he himself made his debut in the top division at the age of 17: “A Grozer always wants to play.”

Special grace period for “Bambi”

He completely trusts the sporting and educational leadership of Felix Koslowski: “Leana is in the best hands in Schwerin.” The 40-year-old Koslowski, himself a father of four, knows about the special responsibility in the development of a young player. He therefore spares her more often than she would demand. “She’s still a girl,” says Koslowski, describing the 1.84-meter-tall Leana, who, despite her physical abilities, is far from physically mature. “A line in the landscape” – that’s their appearance. This lightness helps with floating, but a little more muscle would increase resistance.

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He doesn’t notice the team’s jealousy over the young teammate’s special status: “You all see how hard Leana puts herself through it.” And she also has to endure a bit of loving ridicule: she’s called “Bambi” internally because of her long, thin legs.

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