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The former All-Stars faced widespread unemployment. Has the NBA entered the most introverted era? _Kemba Walker_player_’s contract

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The former All-Stars faced widespread unemployment. Has the NBA entered the most introverted era? _Kemba Walker_player_’s contract

Original title: Former All-Stars face mass unemployment, NBA has entered the most introverted era?

The player market has been open for more than 20 days, and most of the powerful free agents have signed contracts and got their favorite contracts.

However, in the market, there are still many stars looking for employment opportunities, and compared to previous years, the number of “famous players” who can’t find a job this year is likely to be the most.

Aldridge, Rondo, Howard, Millsap, Griffin, Cousins, Kemba Walker, Carmelo Anthony, a few years ago, these people were all the main players or even heads of their respective teams. Stars, they have all received high salaries (max salaries), they have all been selected as All-Stars, and they also have many fans outside the stadium, but now, subject to the aging of their age and the league’s rush to fight, they are not. Gradually become a marginal figure in the alliance.

Among them, the most regrettable is undoubtedly Kemba Walker.

Three years ago, Walker left the Hornets, moved to the Celtics, and signed a four-year, $141 million contract, which became the final glory of his career. Next, he was traded by the team due to lower-than-expected performance in the Greens. After that, after a series of twists and turns of buyout, waiting, and re-signing, he joined the Knicks last season. It is a pity that Walker was despised by coach Tom Thibodeau during his one year in New York, and his short height and weak confrontation ability became the main reason for his loss of trust.

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Unlike other star veterans who are unemployed, Walker is only 32 years old. According to common sense, he still has enough energy stock on the offensive end. But in today’s involutionary league, there is a serious surplus of talent in the backcourt, and young guards who are more athletic than Walker are grabbing a lot. Such a fiercely competitive external environment naturally increases the difficulty of Walker’s reemployment.

The Lakers and the Nets have become big players in creating unemployed players this summer. On the Lakers side, during the offseason, the team completed a rejuvenation transformation. Therefore, Howard, Anthony, Ellington, Bazemore and others in the original roster were all abandoned and entered the pool of the player market. At present, in addition to Melon and the hope of being signed back by the Lakers, it is very difficult for the other people to find jobs. And because of the poor performance of the Lakers in the past season, it has further reduced the prospects for the veterans to find jobs.

A similar situation has occurred with the Nets this offseason, although the trade issues of Durant and Irving have disrupted the operation plan of the Nets front office. However, in the chaos, the Nets’ lineup transformation began quietly. The team added Royce O’Neal, TJ Warren, and other real-time combat powers that were still in their prime. Of the 30+ veterans, except for Mills, who got a contract extension, other players such as Ade, Griffin, Dragic, Drummond, etc. were all waived by the Nets.

At present, Dragic and Drummond have signed with the Bulls, but Griffin and Ade are still waiting for new opportunities, but considering their age and their serious injuries Shi, it will also not be easy to find a new owner.

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It is understandable that it is difficult for veterans to find jobs, but some young people with great potential also encountered trouble signing contracts this summer. Currently, Miles Bridges and Sexton, the two major players in the 2018 class, have not signed new contracts. Among them, Xiaoqiao is deeply involved in a domestic violence scandal and is likely to face prison; as for Sexton, because his knee injury has just recovered, his market conditions are not ideal, and he may deign to accept a low-paying contract and temporarily return to to the knight.

Of course, there are far more people who have fallen into similar predicaments. Harrell, Schroder, Cousins, Tristan Thompson, Whiteside and other famous figures in the NBA are also still due to complicated reasons. Waiting for a new opportunity to sign.

According to previously released data, last season, the NBA’s total revenue set a new record, and now playing in the league, the annual salary of a max contract has exceeded 60 million US dollars. Even if it is just a supporting role, as long as he contributes to the team, he can covet a contract with an annual salary of tens of millions. As a result, more and more capable players are eyeing the big cake of the NBA, and more and more talented young people are pouring into the league…

In the past few seasons, the league’s teams’ requirements for players’ athletic qualities have increased year by year, which has accelerated the replacement of personnel. This summer, more and more “famous players” are involved in the unemployed army, which is a pity, but in reality, some of these people have indeed drifted away from the current basketball trend and the current NBA market’s demand for players. now… (Poirot)Return to Sohu, see more

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